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Thanks for the feedback, no only on two. I'll revert the other one.


Thanks for your response for my Field Mice in Exeter inclusion. The advert is merely taken from their gig guide pages called "Working Week", so not a full blown advert as such. However, if you are interested in seeing this anyway then please let me know your e-mail address and I will send a scan over to you. Best wishes, Tether18.

Ok - thanks for letting me know. Sorry for assuming, I have reverted and corrected the capitalization to "Summer (Priority Version)".

It seems that "Summer" itself was played several more times than the Priority Version however, so is it certain that there aren't more instances of the Priority Version that should be tagged as such?

Just wanted to thank you for all your great work with the Mogwai setlists! Just for future reference, if you have any interesting additional information for a show, instead of adding it as a comment you can add it as a note directly on the setlist (use an @Info tag on a new line after the final song of the setlist). That way, more people will see your annotations : )

I've never circulated my recording of Mogwai in Toronto in 2001 (Phoenix), but it is not a great recording. My equipment wasn't great at that time and the sound at the show wasn't amazing either. I can send it to you if you are interested but I don't think you will be thrilled. I do have several later Mogwai Toronto shows if you are collecting.

Hey there auto_pilot, do you happen to have any of those Codeine audience recordings?

Hi just read you've got a recording of the twilight sad from tonight. will it be on dimeadozen?

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