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I locked the Aug 9 Arctic Monkeys setlist. Let me know if you want to ad anything else to it and I will unlock it.

Hey - re: Arctic Monkeys, I didn’t know there was a previous release/ earlier original version until today.
We can post it in the forum if you want to question the cover tagging.

No, I was on some 4-track demos we did and played a handful of gigs but I had left before the studio sessions that were on that flexi.

Hey just saw your comment about Bark Psychosis. I don't actually have the tape digitised sorry, it's just sitting gathering mould in a box, but in any case although I was playing guitar on it its just a really terrible scabby live recording of material the band never released and I wouldn't put it out there without permission from the rest of the band.

Thanks for the Hood links. Will look at your Youtube uploads tomorrow.

Curious to know where you're sourcing your Hood setlists? I've added a few to setlist.fm over the years but you seem to have access to several more.