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Do you have any more information on the Clarendon Hotel Ballroom London? For example, an address or open date? I've added your note of 1988 demolition to the venue page to prevent concerts being added post-1988.

Hi, good find on the date for the Field Mice show in Exeter in 1989. Any chance you could post an image of the Melody Maker advert please?

I noticed you created these setlists, all with the same 'tour' name.

Was mus_iic festival.01 really a tour and did all these three bands have the same tour name? Or was it a festival? I tried to google it but couldn't find it. Please correct if it was indeed a festival (preferably with explanation/source in the comment section).

Please read the guidelines regarding the difference between tour names and festival names:
I just reverted a lot of your edits because you entered the festival as a tour name.

Please be sure to always add sources. This is very important especially for newly created setlists as not providing sources makes it extremely difficult for moderators and other users to find out if it's a bogus edit or not. A simple link would do the job.
And like you told fellow bendobrin for your older uploads a reference to the newspaper might do the job as well.
It's also easy to leave others correct all your wrongly edited tours, so please start making some effort.

Maybe you might want to help out on all those incorrectedly tours you named after a festival?

You seemed to be editing a lot of And Also The Trees setlist again without apparently listing any source. Do not assume that at every concert a standard setlist was performed.

If https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/and-also-the-trees/2008/living-room-lugano-switzerland-3c2014f.html was at a private venue you need to change the venue to Private Venue according to https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#venuesPrivateVenues
Also you don't put a source for your edit listing the songs. So once again please list sources for your uploads and edits.

I am happy to help with any gigs that I have listed that you are scratching your head over as to where I have the information from. I am pretty sure that I can locate most of them again. I have a stack of old music papers to hand, so do let me know if you want any confirmation.

All the best.

Thanks for responding. Where I am having the biggest problem with your setlists are the ones for the gigs at smaller venues. I am trying to clean up the UK venue database and quite a few of the shows you list are either the only ones at a venue or separated by many years from other performances. Any link you can provide is helpful or a simple statement like "NME issue of Feb 2, 2004" is okay too.

This is only one example. The venue is misspelled.There is no source. The band has no other listed concerts in England around this time. And the previous and following shows are months apart in Athens. If this was the only one it wouldn't be a problem.


I've noticed that you never provide any sources for your shows. And many of them are not found on any internet searches and/or are for closed or inappropriate venues for bands at the time. Any explanations or reasons why we should take your setlists seriously when you can't be bothered to even comment on why you create them. Please reply on my page.

You didn't really update the Guitar Festival in Montpellier for which I send you the information.
PS The exact name of the festival is "Les internationales de la Guitare"

Please use exact location or venue following the guidelines at
PS When replying to someone you need to post it on his page, not yours :)

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.