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Will send over info file. What's best way? Can you share email address or do you want me to post it as a comment?

Thanks for the info on the Nephilim gig. Agree about Dime. Sounds like the fact you got the recording early and it aligns with the blog post is confirmation for that source. I have the copy from that blog as well. Any chance I could send you the info file of the recording I have to see if you have any thoughts? Overall the first few songs are the same and the overall setlist similar to others around the same time.

Trying to parse through some Fields of the Nephilim setlists from the German dates in September 1987. I have a recording via Dime for the Bremen Romer show with a different setlist than that here. I've also read in the past comments about some confusion about sources for the different recordings. This recording is definitely around the same time from the tracks played, but has Laura earlier in the set than other shows. You seem to have quite a few setlists from that tour, so hoping you may be able to help work out where my recording is from! Thanks

This is about Jesus Mary Chain Deventer 1985.
Finally, I found the record.
Hope you have a copy too.
Do you know where taken the last four songs on the vinyl?
Thank you.

Hi Tether18 do you have any other Rema-Rema setlists or recordings? i saw you posted the only setlist on here. i'm working on a documentary on the band. thanks, marco

Notice why L'unica strada was changed March 12, 2019
Same reason today.
Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from musicbrainz.org apply.

Do you have a cdr recording of the sugarcubes at the roxy west hollywood please? I'm always after New recordings of them and I've never heard that one. Love the sugarcubes.

thanks for that reply! that website is helpful - thank you!

Hello from a fellow =w=/that dog. fan! I'm Jason - I'm one of the administrators for Weezerpedia. I'm trying to get our live archive for That Dog off the ground, and I noticed you'd created the concert page here for their Glam Slam show on Aug 9 1994. I thought I'd reach out and ask if you had any resources you could share from this show! Or if you wouldn't be up for adding things you could to our page below:

This is as far as I've gotten:

Hi Tether18, do you have a recording of Idlewild at the Reading Festival 2000? I would absolutely love to hear it if you do.

Best wishes

Ed aka Savagebadger

Thanks buddy! I’ll get in touch with her…

Hi there, I just saw your setlist for the Bronski Beat in Glasgow 1984. Do you have a recording of that show? ;-)

Thanks in advance,



These are the ones I have by the sugarcubes:

Town and Country club,London 14/10/87
Portlands,London 15/10/87
Hard Rock Cafe,Reykjavik 21/10/87
Town and Country club,London 11/12/87
Manchester International 12/12/87

Leicester University,Leicester 11/5/88
Manchester University,Manchester 14/5/88
Diamond suite,Birmingham 17/5/88
Astoria,London 19/5/88
Norwich University,Norwich 20/5/88
Free Nelson Mandela concert,Reykjavik July 1988
Markthalle, hamburg 4/7/88
Zeche,bochum 5/7/88
Paradise,Amsterdam 8/7/88
Bizarre festival,loralei 9/7/88
Fife aid,St Andrews 23/7/88
9:30 club,Washington dc 27/7/88
The world,new york 28/7/88
Theatre of living arts,philadelphia 2nd and 3/8/88
Metro bar,Chicago 11/8/88
I beam,San Francisco 15/8/88
Citi,Boston 13/9/88
Auburn University 20/10/88
Grosse freiheit 36,hamburg 13/11/88
Alter watersaal,cologne 19/11/88
Nighttown, Rotherham 9/12/88
The ritz,Manchester 13/12/88
Kilburn ballroom,London 14/8/88
Borderline,London 15/8/88
Coesfeld 12/5/89
Bizarre festival,loralei 13/5/89
Modernes,bremen 15/5/89
Traumfabrik, kiel 17/5/89
Ding a ling a ling bootleg
Marcus amphitheatre,milwaukee 29/6/89
Lakeside amphitheatre, Darren Lake 3/7/89
Fellahellir,Reykjavik 19/8/89
Reading Festival 25/8/89
Leeds University,Leeds 16/10/89
Free trade hall,Manchester 17/10/89
Royal Court,Liverpool 20/10/89
Brixton academy,London 27/10/89
Coliseu dos recriis,lison 5/11/89
Jacara, Madrid 9/11/89
Rolling stone,Milan 14/11/89
Volksbildungsheim, frankfurt 30/11/89
Cologne 1/12/89
Club paradise,Amsterdam 3/12/89
Docks,hamburg 5/12/89
Saga theatre, Copenhagen 9/12/89
Fryshuset,Stockholm 11/12/89
Town and Country club,London 17th and 18/12/89
Commodore ballroom,vancouver 24/2/90
Riviera,Chicago 1/3/90
Le spectrum,Montreal 8/3/90
Enmore theatre,Sydney 17/5/90
Town Hall,Auckland 22/5/90
Cafe Garden,Reykjavik 11/8/90
Hotel borg,Reykjavik 28/2/92
Brixton academy,London 7/3/92
Manchester academy,Manchester 12/3/92
Batchskapp, frankfurt 2/4/92
Hit the North Atlantic bootleg
Riviera,Chicago 14/4/92
Orpheim theatre,Boston 15/4/92
Wiltern theatre,Los Angeles 24/4/92
Iguanas,tijuana 25/4/92
Wakefield theatre,San Francisco 27/4/92
Dodger stadium 31/10/92
Sam bond silver bowl,Las Vegas 12/11/92
Limelight club,new york 17/11/92
Laugardagsholl, Reykjavik 17/11/06

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Thanks for the reply. I've marked that setlist for deletion, since it uses the same source you gave, and does have sources for date and venue https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/swans/1984/live-bauplatz-venlo-netherlands-4b911b92.html

Thanks for your help. I think this has to be "The Venue" one in Cowley. The source that gave the first use of the name in 1992 must have been wrong. I changed the setlists to that but if I missed any that you see please change them to that.

Can you please tell me what is the EXACT name of the venue given in the NME for this show. We are having a hard time sorting out venues in Oxford that used the name "The Venue", "Oxford Venue" ec and whether or not one was located at Brookes University.