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Hi Frank
Re Simple Minds at Wembley, 22/08/1991. In all honesty, I can't really confirm whether An Emotional Fish were supporting that night. There's no indication on my ticket, and my memory isn't really good enough to be able to say with 100% certainly that they were there. The band name does ring a bell though. Sorry for not being absolutely sure.
Cheers Dave

Hi, An Emotional Fish supporting Simple Minds in 1991.....really sorry I don't know as just found all of my old ticket stubs and notes about shows. They supported them on the two dates I saw that tour and they were close together so assume they supported the whole tour.

ja ik heb een opname van The Serenes, maar deze is op casette. Ik heb hem niet meer gedigitaliseerd. De kwaliteit is ook niet goed genoeg om verder te verspreiden.

I remember a discussion where they talked about American actors of which I forgot the name.
But this one comes to mind.
It seems you don't believe me when I tell you that amongst the moderators we agreed that this was tolerated.
I just did a search and stumbled amongst this discussion
Convinced now?

On theatre performances or actors giving a performance are tolerated, so users can add this to their attended shows.

Hello, Thank you for your enquiry about the Bronski Beat show in Glasgow. I do have a recording of this on CDR. It was taped off of a radio broadcast at the time. It iisn't perfect quality, but still very good. I do not have an MP3 version of the gig, but if you want to try obtaining a copy in that format then I will point you to the lady who was the original copy.
This is her e-mail address:

I hope this is of use to you.

Best wishes,


Re: Rats on Rafts, ah, yeah, Musicbrainz album attribution has already been established. I wonder if it's a UK vs US vs other parts of world printing and one of them that doesn't jive with the version you have got updated in Musicbrainz first.
There are a couple of options:
1) Let it be, as it's legit somewhere.
2) Revert all, and re-apply album attribution. I think most of them were related to 'Excerpts From Chapter 3...'
I'm inclined to leave it be, but if you want to do #2, you can let me know when it's done and I can re-apply album attribution as a Roadie. Thoughts?

OK I'll delete them based upon your comments.
Somebody must have added fake Sinead O'Conner shows at loudmusic. Sometimes I see other listings there which are already listed on setlist, with different sources.

Ik zal ten gepaste tijde eens in de oude Humo's kijken wat betreft Sinead O'Connor.

about that Pandora's Box show: No, unfortunately I don't have the entire show. Until your uploads I only had Vengeance and Grandwother's Footsteps, and didn't know about the last two songs at all. The remainder is in all likelyhood taken from a polish fan page which unfortunately is offline for a few years by now (the band even took the dates for their tour guide in the 30 Years Anthology from that site). They also used to indicate whether a recording exists or not, but I didn't transfer that information to my file.

Thanks for getting back to me on that. I deleted the show.

This setlist that you asked to be deleted seems to have a valid source and was created by a reliable User. I don't want to delete it without solid proof that it didn't happen. This could be a "lost" show where this is the only record of it.

Hi Frank,
Thanks for getting back to me. I'll check it out. The flyers I have were for my band, Peasants, and note "appearing with Jeffrey Lee Pierce," But I'll see if I also have a copy of any of the official flyers as well.

It was a pleasure getting to talk to the band and I think that they enjoyed that they were a big deal way out in the middle of nowhere! I hit it off with Nick in particular because I was familiar with Clock DVA, another band he was in.

Thanks again

Hi Frank,
Thanks for your message! I was in the opening act that night and spent some time chatting with Nick Sanderson both before and after the show. After receiving your message I did some digging and found some flyers for the show. One of them shows that it was actually Saturday August 24, 1985 rather than 1984. I apologize for the mistake and I'll correct the concert date.

Thanks again!

Since October 27, 1995 the venue Melkweg in Amsterdam has two main rooms/halls. What was previously known as the Melkweg's main hall, was renamed Oude Zaal (old room) or OZ as it is called nowadays:
On the mentioned date a larger hall opened under the name The Max (nowadays
just Max):
Would you be able as visitor to change the venue for the Breeders setlist from just Melkweg to the correct hall?

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