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Hey, I see that you were at The Replacements show on 4/6/89 at the Warner Theatre in DC. I was curious if you recall Paul smashing his guitar during their set. I recently bought an old rebuilt Les Paul Jr that he supposedly destroyed at this show. I know there's audio from this show but I've been unable to find it. Please let me know if you have any recollection. Thanks!

Hi, I’m a big Pernice fan and have seen them many times, sometimes keeping good notes from the shows. Happy to help!

You're welcome! I was a big Rachel fan and Hiatt was great as well.

Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for digging in the archive and correcting the date. I'm sure these guys would be very happy with a picture of the flyer:

I see they do not have the exact date, but list a show in August 1985 in Blacksburg (including the correct support act).

Must have been an awesome experience meeting the band. I've emailed with Dean years ago and he seemed very sociable.

Cheers, Frank