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Thank you for catching my mistake with "Annie's Back in Town" by Tom Waits! I really appreciate it! I'm reverting all the other entries of it back to a Waits original now! :)

Hi there. Regarding the Byrds at Fillmore East 1971, do you think the setlist we have is for the early or late show? I’d like to add another show since you mentioned that there were 2 of them, but not sure if the existing setlist is more likely to be of the early or late show.

Hello, it's incredible how you have seen so many of these artists! Did you happen to tape or take photos of any of them "back in the day"? Cheers.

Just changed the artist to the correct "Bonnie Parker". The existing artist profile in MusicBrainz was a DJ active since 2016 so I created one for the hard rock artist.

Regarding the B-52's at Club 57, I reverted it back to Irving Plaza. My ticket stub indicates "Club 57 at Irving Plaza". The show took place at 17 Irving Plaza, not 57 St. Marks Place (the address for the "real" Club 57). I can see this is going to cause confusion, so perhaps an admin or moderator needs to update the description for Irving Plaza for the time period '78-'79 when shows there were billed as Club 57 at Irving Plaza.

Thanks for updating the Rachel Sweet setlist at the Bottom Line July 30, 1979! I was there as well.

What exactly does it say on your ticket stubs?

Well i don’t considère poetry reading as concerts and i believe these should be déleted.

Are you sure that The Band performed with Dylan at this show? I can find no mention of them appearing here on the internet.

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