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Sorry just seeing your comment now. No I do not have any video from the show.

Hi! I do not have any videos, but I did take a bunch of photos- I was in the front row right in the center!

Sorry it took me a while to notice your comment. I didn't even know you could leave comments here haha. I didn't take videos I wasn't super close to the stage so I just enjoyed without video taking.

Hi, I only just saw your questions on my page dating from July last year. Haven't been here for awhile. Anyway, I'm afraid I don't have the answers you're looking for. Good luck finding them!

I would have loved to see The Shirts. I loved Annie Golden in their prime.

I did take videos of a few songs that I really liked. Thanks Florence was a great show.

Hi do you happen to have any recordings of any of the b-52 shows you went to? Thank you.

Wow ...... Incredible ! There was a late show around 11 PM ! I think that this show was added last minute by popular demand. Nothing listed in the newspapers... not even on the Bottom line concert website ! Just one of those things. I thank you very much. Karl

I believe you have the Renaissance October 24, 1984 show at the Bottom Line, NYC wrong.They played there on September 29 & 30 1984 ... 2 shows nightly. According to the Bottom Line online archives there was no concert on October 24, 1984 . There was nothing about this show in the newspapers ... New York.... New Jersey ... Pennsylvania Could i be wrong about this somehow ?

The whole Club 57 thing can get quite confusing...maybe they should just come up with a venue that lists it as Club 57 at Irving Plaza but going just with Irving Plaza is fine.
Also very jealous that you got to see Kate Bush! Loved her since Kick Inside came out and it's a shame her only US appearance was her SNL gig.

Do you still have the GAOB tape? I write www.girlsatourbest.com and it would be great to have a whole gig on it.

Curious whether Madonna's band played an instrumental opening set on any nights you attended. Thanks!

Thanks for the Bauhaus correction. See you on the 11th floor...