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why revert the setlist to before we had nicknames for the songs? they weren't even directly named as the fan-base names, they were just in the notes

Thanks for the correction lol! I haven’t seen them live before but I saw the visuals and just kind of slapped it on. Is there somewhere that the shows get upped?

No worries. Thanks for getting back to me.

Please don't add setlists before the show even begins.

hi there, i don't have the GYBE! london scala recording you're after.

It's that recording exactly, I'm afraid that's the only time I recorded GY!BE :-/

Hi, I do have a recording of GY!BE at Hannover, Café Glocksee, 1999. In case you're still searching I could try to go.d it back for you.

Pretty sure it was mostly stuff of Sings Reign, yes. It would make sense if they played stuff off Telegraphs, too, given that they recorded it that summer. If it’s any consolation, I don’t recall coming out of there like I’d had some out of body mystical experience. It was good, probably great; it was not life changing hehe.

Hey again. Sorry if I’m not responding in-thread (is there even a way to do that?), I’m not too familiar with this website.

Can’t say I remember much from the SF2F performance, no. I live in Montreal - a short walk from both H2T and 15 Ontario, actually ;) - so that show was +/- a 2 hr drive away, and I do remember it was worth the drive, that I was not disappointed in any way, so maybe that says something. I was very familiar with that first record they’d put out, and seem to recall that the live renditions were quite faithful to the original recordings, but that was almost twenty years ago, sooo… Couldn’t tell u whether they played anything off Telegraphs (I’m not very familiar with it), but given the timeline, I imagine they did. It was a sunny day. My buddy had a hissy fit after purchasing three burgers from Dick Ann’s, and realizing they were essentially the size of hockey pucks.

Hi there. Responding to yr Set Fire to Flames question. I do not have that recording, sorry. Did not know one existed. Good luck finding it!

Hi there, sorry, I don't have any GYBE recordings. I hope you find them!

I don’t have any live GY!BE. If you find those Knitting Factory shows, please let me know. Thanks.

I think I have found the right hard drive, but now have to find the adapter to power it, which is proving difficult. It has to be around here somewhere, so hopefully will find it shortly.

Sorry for the long delay. The shows are not on the hard drive that I thought they were on, and I am trying to find it. The Lee's Palace shows are on there (if you want another source), but the Knitting Factory shows are not. I know they are somewhere (they must be), and am trying to find them.
Yes, another method of contact is better. Is there a method of sending private messages through this, so I can send my email?

I also recorded the 2016 Monumental performance in Toronto. I was at the Aug 6 2018 Toronto show, but need to check if I recorded it. For some reason I think I did not, either because of technical problems or surprisingly strict venue staff.
I have a large number of recordings from 1999/2000, which I will go through.

Sorry for the simple question, but do you have a recommendation as to how I can send files that large to you? I am not sure what the best method for it is.
I think I have other recordings that you don't have. I would have to do a proper look, but the first one that comes to mind are the four Lee's Palace shows in 2011. You only have one listed on the site. I recorded all four.

Yes, I recorded those two Knitting Factory shows. They are not the best quality- my set-up was pretty rudimentary back then - but they exist, and they are the debut performances of Tazer Floyd. Are you looking for them?

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