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Hi. You saw Godspeed You Black Emperor at the knitting factory in 2000. Do you have recordings or know anyone with one? Thank you

I really liked that show too. Before it, I think the last time i saw Low was in 2000.

No, i'm just a normal guy who goes to lots of shows. I'm bad about entering show at this site. See my page to see a more accurate listing.

I love Carrie Brownsteins voice and I'm lucky that I'll see Sleater Kinney twice in December.

Hi there! I saw you also went to see Low in Beijing, great performance they had!

After reading your other setlists, I'm guessing: do you work with Subpop? Or otherwise you must be a true fan of the label :P

P.S: I'm so jealous to see Sleater-Kinney x2 on your list. Carrie Brownstein is my favorite :)