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thank you so much. I recieved this recording from someone named Jürgen and I've sought it for years. Many thanks for taping and sharing, it is their best performance on that whole tour

also do you have a recording of GYBE Glocksee 1998 as well by any chance ?

Thank you ! Is it the same as this one, that I recently obtained ?

Hi. You saw Godspeed You Black Emperor at Glocksee in 1999. Do you have a recording or know anyone with one? thanks

können wir machen, schreib mir mal an lelalsob[at]mail[punkt]de
wenn du sagst, "mein recorder", kann ich davon ausgehen, dass du eventuell was zum tauschen hast? ;)

yep hab das konzert aufgenommen

that is ok, thank you! i prefer their older stuff as well

Sorry, no concrete memoreis on their set. It was (too) short, I missed some Sax and it was indeed not much of their (peferred) old stuff.

hi! i saw that you had attended the BSS show at the Admiralspalast in November of 2010

I was wondering if you also happened to catch Menomena's set that same day? If so, do you possibly remember any of the songs they might have played? i believe a heavy majority of the songs were off their albums Mines and Friend and Foe, just wondering if you happened to recall anything. thank you for reading and have a great day! :)

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