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Hi. You saw Godspeed You Black Emperor at Glocksee in 1999. Do you have a recording or know anyone with one? thanks

können wir machen, schreib mir mal an lelalsob[at]mail[punkt]de
wenn du sagst, "mein recorder", kann ich davon ausgehen, dass du eventuell was zum tauschen hast? ;)

yep hab das konzert aufgenommen

that is ok, thank you! i prefer their older stuff as well

Sorry, no concrete memoreis on their set. It was (too) short, I missed some Sax and it was indeed not much of their (peferred) old stuff.

hi! i saw that you had attended the BSS show at the Admiralspalast in November of 2010

I was wondering if you also happened to catch Menomena's set that same day? If so, do you possibly remember any of the songs they might have played? i believe a heavy majority of the songs were off their albums Mines and Friend and Foe, just wondering if you happened to recall anything. thank you for reading and have a great day! :)

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