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… oops, I meant On the Roof... not East River;)

…in looking through my Concert Video files, I did record 1 song of The Antlers set, likely the last song. I saw them again in Phoenix on the Familiars Tour... to a packed house that was the complete opposite of my no one is here experience in Tucson during their still under the radar Hospice release tour.

You asked about my seeing the Antlers show in Tucson... yes, I grabbed the setlist and unless they veered from it, East River was played. check out the actual setlist here:

Sorry, recording of any kind was prohibited at the Muse Drones rehearsal show in Los Angeles, which is why you don’t see anything online.

You asked about Muse. I went to college with them. It was a long time ago and the only song I recall they played was Plug in Baby i'm afraid. I wasn't much of a fan at the time only really took notice about 10 years later.

Sorry, 2005 was a longtime ago. I vaguely remember Menomena playing but can't remember what songs they played.

Hi, You asked about Shine being played by Muse at Newport in 2001. I'm afraid I can't remember if it was played, now. I'm certain In Your World was played, though. I remember losing my keys on the train on the way back to Bristol after the gig and buying the Hyper Music / Feeling Good singles from HMV the day they came out, but not whether I recognised Shine when i heard the studio version. Sorry.

Nope, sorry I wasn't familiar with the Antlers before the 2009 show I attended. I think they split the bill with Cotton Jones so they may not have played any more songs than already listed.

I see you named some venues Living Room shows, another moderator had changed these to Unknown Venues, but since the guidelines were updated these should be considered Private Venues

Sorry I haven't logged in for awhile. They definitely played Muscle'n Flow, The Pelican, Weird, and Boyscout'n as well as the 2 already listed

Sorry it took me so long to reply! Right now I only remember one song they played that night. However, I have an email somewhere in my Gmail inbox that lists other songs they played. I’ll find it and add more.

Hi there, really sorry, but I have no recollection about what tunes were played at that gig as it was so long ago. Hope you manage to get that sorted.

Did you manage to import Reed Lakes? The import feature was reported by admin to have been fixed.

Unfortunately I don't have any special power over artist imports. I can only suggest trying for another week, and if that doesn't work then get in touch with someone from the Admin (not Moderator) team :)

Listened to my recording of Menomena 10/21/13; I only have the last 3 songs of their set. I updated the setlist to include a missing song. Last 3 are confirmed in that order, first 4 I don't know.

Thanks for reporting. Have another go with Red and Black Cafe now.

Please pay more attention when adding non existing cities like whole regions or states.
And put sources onto your setlists which you didn't attend.

Updated your information myself.
You didn't need to add the (wrong) province
For some reason you also created two (empty) Maison des Jeunes in the correct location which you didn't use.

Updated your information myself.
You didn't need to add the (wrong) province

Please explain why you create a location called Walloon Region in Belgium
Belgium is divided in three regions, all of these have several cities.
It's like you would create a city called United States in the city of New York.

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