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Hello Ron,

I'm the archivist of Uriah Heep. Please take just a minute to read this short text about my research:

Could you please e-mail me at ?

I would like to ask you about the detailed set lists you posted for 4 Uriah Heep concerts in the 70's.

PS: If you are interested, I can send you memorabilia from those concerts (photos, tickets, reviews etc).

Thank you & best regards,

Please read the latest update to the guidelines. It is *mandatory* that you provide a source link when adding a new show that you did not attend. Any show without a source may be deleted without notice.

Hi Ron! Thanks for putting the Cat Stevens concert on Setlist. Were you at the show? I was on the committee that put on the concerts at Irvine, and I remember this night so vividly as I was a 17 y/o freshman, and got to sit on stage behind an amp. Before the shows, was so excited when Cat's road manager asked us to buy some "ciggies" for "Steve." There were 2 shows. Bonnie Raitt opened, and she absolutely killed! Nobody knew her except maybe a handful of us.

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