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Don I have corrected Journey at the Palladium to the proper date of Jun 8 1979, you may wish to revise your comment so that it reflects properly. you will see my notations also thanks

you wrote: Saw your message re: UFO 3/1/80, but I don't even see that concert on setlist anywhere - I did see them open for AC/DC 6/9/79 at the Palladium, I do have a stub

Thanks for the note, I've corrected the issue. the correct date of 3/1/1980 for UFO should appear properly.

please check your posting for UFO at the Palladium on 3/1/1980. They did not play with AC/DC.

Black Foot and Off Broadway were the opening bands. Have the original ticket stub. Also met UFO that evening along with Gene Simmons. AC/DC did Play with UFO at the Palladium on a separate occasion/ different date

Hi Please check your posting of Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush on Aug 25 of 1975. The actual show was Aerosmith headlining and several other bands plus Mahogany Rush but the correct date was Aug 24th 1975 which is already posted with all the performing bands. Kingfish, Gary Wight, Mahogany Rush, Nils Lofgren, Aerosmith, Slade (but don't really remember them) and Poco (not sure about them either). It was great but a long day>

Hello! You asked me about the "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." I too was at last night's show. I clearly heard it too--as did my wife. When I focused more clearly on the stage I was surprised to see the rhythm guitarist, Tommy Anthony, taking the lead during that bit. (I suppose it was Santana's nod to him--a chance for him to shine.) I made a note of it when I compiled the setlist but, honestly, I may have put the @Info with the wrong song.

Hi there! I read that you attended some Blondie gigs. Did you tape them or know of anyone who did? Special interest on My Father's Place gig. Cheers