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No problem. A lot of artists did live performance like the marillion one due to coronavirus lockdown

Hi there, regarding

Assignment to a Bruce Springsteen cover album:

I really don't know how this happened, of course that is wrong, I corrected it. I only remember correcting some false cover tags with this song, maybe that's an old bug.

Thank you for your information on this


Kan je in overleg met de andere NL mods overgaan tot het verwijderen van afgelaste concerten in Nederland?

Hi, thank you for following up the Nektar setlist in 2015. : )

Hi, I just thought that "Recycled" on source from the venue HP was typo of "Recycle".
Considering the info of the 2nd show, it might be full set of Recycled album.

Hi, just wanted to inform you that this user has been making quite a few unsourced changes to Anathema setlists in the past few days, including putting in a song that has never been reported as being ever played by Anathema before:
Not sure how reliable they are.

Thanks for your feedback. I felt it was the correct correction, but I didn't want to go against any fan convention. Also thanks for raising the cover issue.

No, I didn't consider it. You're right. A little bit of work here hehe.

I made the change because on official releases tracks names come with Act and parts. Additionally, the "A Change of Seasons" tracks are filled with their full names. I took a look at the forum and there was no open discussion about it, however, in case someone complains I would be open to discussing. Anyway, just to be sure before making all the rest of the changes, as a moderator and fan, are you agree with them?

Dat zal een ongelukje geweest zijn :)

In regards to "The John Spignesi Band,"

the song is "The Other Side," an original tune, not "The Other One" that you keep changing it to. Thanks :)

Thanks for re-instating the Ry Cooder setlist for the Hammersmith Odean 1982. The person who deleted the list seems to have a habit of doing this and also hasn't listed any concerts that he has attended so surely he should be given a warning that if he persists in doing this he will be expelled from the website? It is wasting time by doing this with no explanation.

Releaseshows zijn vaak one-time events, ik pas ze alleen aan als er in de artist statistics een (1) achter staat, als het een echte tour is niet. In de guidelines staat dat het beter is om het dan in de info te vermelden.

Thank you. I got it. : )

Hi, do you have any source that Rick played "The Last Battle" in this show?
If so, you should put it as the last song of "King Arthur" set.

The Noise Pop Festival ended for the Chapel in San Francisco on March 4th. Can it be removed from the Peter Murphy shows?

Messed up one of my Academy Awards entries. Please delete:

The only is that the top of the festival page lists the festival as: "The 86th Academy Awards." Can you change it to just read "The Academy Awards" ?


I'll wait therefore until you have updated. Please walk me through how to add one to the list?

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