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Hi Biedjee,
Thanks for your info. Please remove the incorrect ones from the list of shows. Otherwise I could also report them in the "delete setlist"-forum

Hi Biedjee,
I created some proms concerts 2004, 2006 and 2007 based on this source: . Now due to inconsistencies in 2007 I think that the source is not reliable on which dates there were really Rotterdam concerts. I will stop using this source, but it is the only one I found.
I will go on with 2008 and 2009 setlists, which won't be a problem, but there are some years 2010-2017, for which some Netherland concert dates seems to be missing. I couldn't find any thing about it on the net. So it will remain incomplete. I hope to finish 2008-2017 till end of the month.
One remarks: Il Novecento was renamed 2017 into "Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra":

I'm aware of that single release having quite a unique artist title, since I actually am a Elton fan. But I don't agree that we as mods have to go against common sense and follow every weird release name to the T's.
In this particular case I would have no objection if the song in question was for example an instrumental song, highlighting the talents of Elton's musicians - then it would make sense to call it an Elton John Band cover. But "Philadelphia Freedom" is just a regular Elton John hit, that has absolutely no striking difference from the ones that were released before or after it, nor it has any relation to any member of his touring band whatsoever. The reason why the single is named that way is unclear to me.

Hi Biedjee,
That's fine with me.

Hi Biedjee,
thanks for the info. In case of 10 setlists or so I can quickly do the correction manually. In case of many setlists concerened (like the Simple Minds songs), I'm posting it in the forum.
One other question. Is someone taking care about the troll forum ( )? I posted an entry 5 days ago, and the Who & Why at Colos-Saal is still existing. I could also forward my email communication with the owner of the venue as a proove (it's in German language).
Best regards,

Hi Bidjee,
thanks for your message. I try to sort out what I can. I did so for Germany, Luxemburg, Sweden. Now I'm doing Belgium and Framce. The Netherlands will follow. There remains enough work afterwards. I'm concentrating on the Rock/Pop stuff, not caring about the classical music, as I know too less about that. And the finale song remains inconsistent. Somtimes I left it out completely, sometimes it's in one setlist, sometimes in several of them. But that's too much at the moment.
Kind regards,

Are you an administrator here? If so, please refer to my comments in the forum (ie: problems with festivals). Your help is gratefully appreciated. Thank You!!!

You may have seen this issue before. You may recall a user called Genesisfan who messed around with a lot of setlists based on live releases and what THEY thought was the correct way to put things. They basically vandalised Dream Theater’s medleys, the two major ones being Instrumedley (thankfully now fixed) and Schmedley Wilcox. The latter is still broken up into five separate parts/song sections. I was wondering if there was a way to revert or edit all of the instances where this was played. An easy way of finding them all is looking at the song Octavarium as all of its performances in 2007 and 2008 are part of Schmedley Wilcox. This medley title is used on an official release as a whole track and might be on Mike Portnoy’s setlist archive too.

Hi Biedjee,
Bonnie Tyler and Gwen Dickey definitely didn't perform that night. As a Bonnie fan I remember being disapppointed that I got Marco instead of her :)

Hi Biedjee

You've changed the artist of the following concert from Mike Garson to Celebrating David Bowie. I'm afraid this is incorrect. The concert was a Mike Garson concert ( not part of Celebrating David Bowie ( which had a different line-up of musicians with Garson. Could you please change it back.

Thanks, Trevor

If you would like to get other moderator opinions in the forum I think that's fine. We never officially said it in the guidelines, but making "guesses" completely destroys the credibility of the website. That's why each setlist has a 'request source' area in the moderator panel.

I don't know why you have been adding "probable setlists", but we don't allow people to do that. If there's no source proof then it shouldn't be changed... It's even worse if it's a moderator doing it...

Hi Biedjee

Many thanks for correcting my error. I did try myself but wasn't able to.

Best regards

Tony Honour

Hi Biedjee,
I would appreciate your help about a discussion about a setlist of Anathema!
Could you please judge about two Cover Versions played and how they have to be entered in Setlist.
Please, take a look at this setlist:

Thanks and greetings!

Hi Biedjee,
thanks for the fast correction!
Greets Drommler

Hi Biedjee,
there seems to be something wrong with the FISH Concert in Nuremberg at 17.11.2015... I can't remember that they played the whole Misplaced Childhood Album twice!
Greets Drommler

Hi, thanks for cleaning up the ISO setlist to your preferred format for covers by composers. I find that I can no longer revert to a correct composer not found in data base. Can you please unblock me so I can provide the correct composer as required? For example Dexter Morrill keeps reverting to Kent Morrill with no way to revert. Thanks

Check this out:
Why was Student Prince renamed back to its 2013 title instead of using its 1986 title, when it had been released as well? What is the logic behind this?

Hi again,
One of the missing Songs should be from the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Album The Good Earth! Chris announced it:

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