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If you would like to get other moderator opinions in the forum I think that's fine. We never officially said it in the guidelines, but making "guesses" completely destroys the credibility of the website. That's why each setlist has a 'request source' area in the moderator panel.

I don't know why you have been adding "probable setlists", but we don't allow people to do that. If there's no source proof then it shouldn't be changed... It's even worse if it's a moderator doing it...

That was unintentional. Whenever it takes several tries in order to change a setlist (which is all the time), on the second try, it asks you if you want the correction you made kept and that's what happened.

However, if that did pissed you off, well I'm glad I did that because I'm kinda pissed off of seeing all my correction never being done.

Hi Biedjee

Many thanks for correcting my error. I did try myself but wasn't able to.

Best regards

Tony Honour

Hi Biedjee,
I would appreciate your help about a discussion about a setlist of Anathema!
Could you please judge about two Cover Versions played and how they have to be entered in Setlist.
Please, take a look at this setlist:

Thanks and greetings!

Hi Biedjee,
thanks for the fast correction!
Greets Drommler

Hi Biedjee,
there seems to be something wrong with the FISH Concert in Nuremberg at 17.11.2015... I can't remember that they played the whole Misplaced Childhood Album twice!
Greets Drommler

Hi, thanks for cleaning up the ISO setlist to your preferred format for covers by composers. I find that I can no longer revert to a correct composer not found in data base. Can you please unblock me so I can provide the correct composer as required? For example Dexter Morrill keeps reverting to Kent Morrill with no way to revert. Thanks

Check this out:
Why was Student Prince renamed back to its 2013 title instead of using its 1986 title, when it had been released as well? What is the logic behind this?

Hi again,
One of the missing Songs should be from the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Album The Good Earth! Chris announced it:

Hi Biedjee, thanks for the Night of the Prog Setlists! Especially for Chris Thompson:s!
Wow, you really have had Messin', Road to Babylon and Visionary Mountains? :-0
I am impressed! Wish I had been there! For the 2 Unknown Songs:did you made any notes for your own for the second or do you have a small recording of one of them? If so, I might help!
It seems it have been a Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Setlist only from Chris Thompson! If so, the instrumental might also been a MM'sEB Song!
Saw the Marillion Setlist, too! Wow! Total FEAR! Amazing!

Oh, I got another Problem:
The Festival "Kieler Woche 2017" is listed double in the Festivals! That's because of two different starting data! The Official Start is on Saturday, but the Music Programme starts on the Friday before with official to the Festival belonging Warm Up Gigs! So, the starting Data should be the Friday! This counts for 10 Locations this year, but "Freilichtbühne Krusenkoppel" is separated of the Rest Locations. Would be satisfying, if it could be merged to the existing 10 other locations by correcting the Start Data!
Thanks again!

Hi Biedjee,
I just encountered a Fault in the Statistics of the Artist "Laith Al-Deen" with the Song "Alles dreht sich". It is listed wrong under others.

It isn't listed in Musicbrainz in the CD Release of the Album "Bleib unterwegs", but in the digital Version of that Album it is stated. Take a look:

Is there something you could do?
Thanks and greetings!
Hope, you are fine!

Hi Biedjee,
Thanks for your answer, it leaves at last a hope for a future solution for the statistics of Alan Parsons and Little Steven. :-)

Hi Biedjee,

I don't know, if you could do something, but I would like to ask you.
It's because of the statistics of "Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul".
Most of the material of "Little Steven" is released under his own name, but when he toured he always toured with his "Disciples of Soul"!
The crazy fact is, that they are also in the credits of the releases of Little Steven mentioned.
So, I think the statistics for "Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul" should list the Little Steven released albums. Is this possible?
It looks only totally weird, that you have to insert @Cover[Little Steven] at his own Songs and the true statistics didn't arise, because he only released his first Album under the Name of "Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul"!
Your help is very appreciated! Thanks!
PS: Hope, You are fine!
PPS: Have a Ticket for their Show in Leipzig on the 14th. And even think to drive to the Sold Out Show in Copenhagen on Wednesday without a ticket, to give it a try to come in!

Hello Biedjee,
regarding the Pavarotti setlist:
2015 I created some "Pavarotti International" setlist. Now I came back to complete this issue. When I first created it, I put everything under "Luciano Pavarotti". No I realized, that other users have created separate setlists for participating artists (e.g., ). So now some of the songs are in two setlists. This has also happend for years, for which the Luciano setlist is not yet created. As some of the artists also performed solo songs, I thought it might make sense to put a separate setlist for each artist and leave only under Luciano, if he performed some songs solo.
I don't know what will be the best and correct way. Your input is very welcome.

FYI: I separated the three Lantaren venues with their open/close dates.

Over the Rainbow written by Harold Arlen

First recording by Judy Garland (Harold Arlen never recorded song)

i add here (like you before when you change my work) Judy Garland as recording artist for Over the Rainbow song


written by Irving Gordon, but never recorded by him

you change this setlist

Can you tell me what it is right (song by written or recorded song)

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