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Hi Biedjee, how are you?
I was wondering when did Jerome Kern release The Way You Look Tonight?

The Columbia Album of Jerome Kern was performed by Paul Weston and His Music From Hollywood so it doesn't count:

I think the song should be credited to Fred Astaire as he recorded it first (both in an album and in a movie).

Hi there, these two artist should be merged, I tried this with other artists on Musicbrainz but it never worked. Would you please be so kind an merge them?



Thanks. I'll use that next time for the batch edits. I did them all by hand for the Jonathan Byrd song.

Hello again Biedjee! I got industrious this week during my days off from work, and edited all 150+ Jonathan Byrd song titles that needed to be edited. I thought I'd save you the headache of batch editing all those.

Hello again Biedjee! I have started editing some of those Jonathan Byrd setlists I mentioned for the batch edits.

Hello Biedjee ! Can Roadies do batch edits or only Moderators? I needed to batch edit the song below by Jonathan Byrd:
It should be "Poor Johnny", and NOT "Poor Johnny (at the Bottom of the Lake)"
This is per the actual title on the CD released by Jonathan Byrd:
Thanks for your help as always!!

I had wanted to ask you about batch editing the John Otway and John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett song "Really Free". This was the original title on the 1977 album released by the artist. I see that there are quite a few credits as "(Cor Baby, That's) Really Free", based on the title of a 1990 compilation CD by John Otway. The song was always credited as "Really Free" since its release on the 1977 live LP and the 1977 studio LP. It's even credited that way on the 1990 compilation CD. Thanks for your help.

Luke71 should be banned. I’m sorry, but the setlist if known. It’s on the shirts at the show it’s on Wikipedia and frankly, it’s just a subset of the compilation they just released (where aside from thefew songs that were dropped it’s going in order). I swear, if you did this to every setlist, there would be no updates to any shows at all.

Problem with Luke71 on Genesis setlist 2021. Please take a look.

I can understand what you're saying regarding A Crack in the Mirror, but given that it is something that was only occasionally played before The Mirror or Puppies on Acid, and the fact that Mike Portnoy himself viewed as something separate would be additional reason to view it as a separate song, much in the same way that Another Hand (the short instrumental piece that originally bridged Another Day and The Killing Hand) is regarded as being separate. Anyway, thanks again. :-)

Thanks for your response - much more appreciated than the message I got from one of the other moderators. I will try to do as you ask with citing the shows, but what about in situations where the correction is based on a bootleg recording where no such details are listed on an official source (such as certain teasers)?

Also, regarding "For Rena" I realize this is a John Petrucci song - but how am I supposed to make it a cover if it has only been performed with Dream Theater and has never appeared on any sort of official release by John Petrucci or Dream Theater for that matter?

In regards to your comment about my changes to DT shows, I have compiled a detailed list after listening to bootlegs of many shows from this tour. Not only that, but you can also refer to Mike Portnoy's tourography page to confirm if in doubt.

For the 1995 shows, go here:

For the 1997-1998 shows, go here:

Hi, I've find your old post:
The problem is, that Musicbrainz deleted the Duo too fast, so it's not possible to import to setlist because of the two weeks period (eg. Ron Wood & Mick Taylor).
Do you have a solution to import a Duo?

Can you do something about Luke71 deleting tour name on Corey Taylor's 2019 sets? Its even printed on the ticket stubs and the posters I have from various shows.


Heb je opmerking gelezen, je hebt een punt dat de (verkeerd toegewezen) medleys inderdaad gemakkelijker traceerbaarder zijn wanneer deze gelinkt zijn aan de 'meest gekende artiest'. Ik heb me natuurlijk gebaseerd op de richtlijnen dat •Adding a with artist, additional info or a cover results in affecting all songs of the medley, not just one song en Songs are credited to the group or performing artist who originally wrote the song.
Wanneer de verschillende delen van een medley in de toekomst dan toch zouden gelinkt worden een de correcte artiest kan dit eventueel opgelost te worden door te zoeken op songtitle (zoals bv. 'Under Pressure" voor de David Bowie medley. Dat zal wel meer werk met zich meebrengen.
PS Heb bemerkt dat een andere moderator bv een medley van een lied dat toegewezen werd aan die artiest en zijn groep en een Beatles lied toegewezen wordt aan een andere incarnatie van deze artiest omdat deze medley voor het eerst door hen gebracht werd. Ik vind dit helemaal verkeerd omdat het al covers zijn van twee verschillende artiesten die dan toegewezen worden aan een derde artiest. Misschien moeilijk uitgelegd, anders stuur ik je de links door zodat het begrijpbaarder is.

Misschien moet dit voorgelegd worden op het forum?

Hi, Saga played two times in the Congresgebouw in 1990.
On the next day you can see in the comments that the played in the Prins Willem-Alexanderzaal
I'll change the venue in Prins Willem-Alexanderzaal and there is no conflict to the Nationaal Songfestival 1990.

Hi, could it be that there were different halls in the Congresgebouw?
Saga and Voodoo X did not take part in the Nationaal Songfestival 1990. There is a poster for an extra Saga concert on the same day as the song festival. Can you delete them from the festival list?

I'm not sure why it's listed that way at the top of the musicbrainz song page, but you can see that it's listed as 'Fight for Your Right' on all of the 'Licence to Ill' albums and '(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)' only on the singles and compilations:

No problem. A lot of artists did live performance like the marillion one due to coronavirus lockdown

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