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I steal Rock Stars' souls and prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.
Its Ok to not be Ok. Help is available. Speak with someone today. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255


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Yessir, patiently awaiting the jigsaw flesh :D Or at least SK's new album later this month \m/

Yo Rev, been a minute! :)
Just saw that you added a note to this show that it was cancelled?
From what I know, it did take place though, no? coldrain even released a DVD about it, iirc.

I would if I could, because I've seen what that user is doing with their edits, but I don't have the ability to lock setlists. You should ask a Moderator (a user with a blue circle next to their username) and explain the situation to them. That should take care of the issue. :)

I may not be at Knotfest in person but I am watching the live stream and adding the songs when they start.

Corey Taylor question:
Aug 28 fan video uploaded to YT of Japan TV show acoustic one-song performance, Japanese text on screen notes it’s a debut.
Aug 31st online articles about YT video published
Sept 1 [now deleted user] adds setlist to site with Aug 4th show date.
I checked social media accounts and don’t see CT mention of performance on Aug 4th, or Aug 28.
Was asking if you knew anything about when it may have been taped / why initial user entered as Aug 4th show date.
User Luke read my comment and changed the setlist date to Aug 28th.
Aug 28th seems more likely than Aug 4 but perhaps you have an insight.

Hi. You seem to be a Corey Taylor superfan, maybe you know the answer to the question about this setlsit. I just left a long comment if you hve time to check it out. Thanks!

I don't know anything about this artist, so can't really say anything about it. Do you have a scan of a ticket stub to proof this?
He has a point that the only google results for this tour name are what seems to be your own website.

No worries, I try to keep up as well as I can! Thanks for your help with setting them up and filling in what you can too!

Thank you! I really appreciate that! :)

Hello! In regards to becoming a Roadie on here, it's really not up to us. The mods watch and keep track of our behavior on here (how we interact with and treat other users on here, the kind of edits we make throughout the site, whether or not we uphold and follow the guidelines of the site, etc.) and if they feel that anyone is rightly mature, considerate, and follows the site guidelines thoroughly, they will consider you for promotion and then let you know if you make the grade or not. Truth be told, I never actually asked anyone on here to be a Roadie. I was just told by one of the mods (ExecutiveChimp, I believe it was) that I'd been doing a good job working for the site and that I was being promoted. After being promoted, I was briefed on what I could then do as a Roadie and what was expected of me now that I was one.

So, to answer your question in so few words, the mods choose who becomes a Roadie based on behavior and conduct. You can always ask a mod to be considered for promotion, I suppose, to let them know that you're interested, but good behavior and conduct should speak for itself, I think. It's up to you on whether or not to talk to a mod. If you're going to ask, I'd talk to ExecutiveChimp, since he was the one who promoted me.

I hope this answers your question! :)

"Pretty sure you added a setlist to the wrong TOOL concert date ;)"

Someone else added the setlist, I just corrected a song title.

But, all the tour setlists so far have used the same song format except one song, so it's probably pretty close.

My son who uses this account kid has autism uses this and doesn’t realize what he is doing and has a love for country music aetlost so I’m sorry for the problem he has caused.

When Maynard isn't singing the song's an instrumental

The Starset 4 song set from 2-18/18 is from the VIP show. No need to make changes.

Hello, I see you were at one of the Rammstein concerts - did you have any material from there? For example, Audio, Video, Photo, Tickets.
If so, drop me a line at or here


Hey, I saw that you went to System of a Down concerts between 1998~2002, that's awesome! Do you still have any stuff of them from these times? Like photos, videos, tickets/flyers, etc. If yes, reply me via e-mail please:


I read your reviews of ITM's Blood and Flyleaf's New Horizons and they were great.

I'm used to people replying to me on my wall, not yours. Besides, you're the one who has face to save; I'm not the one who went all ballistic over a little edit.

Knowledge will mean shit to anyone when they're ready to live life without it, don't you say? :)

First hand knowledge concerning the setlist, yes; not first-hand knowledge concerning whether the name of the event should be put in the tour field, festival field, or simply in a notation at the end of the setlist.

As for consistency, that's where you come in. Make a difference in the community by doing a bit more than just leaving all the work to the mods.

And in any case, just because you were at a show doesn't make it exclusively yours. I am a moderator and I'll do my job keeping this site and its statistics consistent, thank you.

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