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Thanks for the updates; this looks much better now.

Regarding your question about using bootleg as a source - you can often link to a bootleg index, or another form of proof of that recording. You should ask yourself if you want to list all teasers and other tidbits the band sometimes plays. After all, they are not full songs, and in most cases a comment added to a song would do the trick just as well.

Regarding For Rena, this is a good point, if it has never been released on an album, then indeed we should regard it as a Dream Theater song for the time being.

Personally I am not convinced that A Crack in the Mirror should be listed as a separate song; after all, it is a working title of a riff that later became the song The Mirror. However, since it has been released on an official bootleg at least once, I suppose we can count it as an official song.

Thanks for providing me with the links but they should be posted on the individual setlists themselves. And wouldn't it have been just as easy to copy and paste the confirming links that you had when you made your edits that so everyone could access them as the "A Crack in the Mirror was played at this show." Comment that you did post?

Thanks for the links, but we need you to provide a direct link to the particular source you used for each setlist edit. You made hundreds of changes over the weekend, you can't expect moderators to validate every single one of them from a touring list.

I've noticed some of your edits have already been reverted due to lack of sources.

So can you go back to each one of your edits and add a link to the actual show on the Mike Portnoy site (so not just a link to the index).

Also note that For Rena is a John Petrucci solo composition, not a Dream Theater song.


Asking to follow the guidelines is threatening? If you came up with the sources you don't have to explain it to me but on the setlists you're either adding or updating.
There's enough persons adding anything without any source, so if you think yours is valid just put a link that can be controlled.
This is a community where knowledge about certain songs or artists needs to be shared so others may learn something.
In regards to your comment about my changes to DT shows, I have compiled a detailed list after listening to bootlegs of many shows from this tour. Not only that, but you can also refer to Mike Portnoy's tourography page to confirm if in doubt.
For the 1995 shows, go here:
For the 1997-1998 shows, go here:
Notice that I'm trying to make the setlists more correct. No need to threaten me. Just trying to be helpful.
For the 1995 shows, go here:
For the 1997-1998 shows, go here:
Notice that I'm trying to make the setlists more correct. No need to threaten me. Just trying to be helpful.

Hi, can you provide a source for any of your edits? Otherwise all your Dream Theater edits will have to be reverted
Stating this was played at this show isn't a valuable source. Give us a link. You were not present at this show.
Notice I'm not the only one complaining. If you don't start changing your attitude, your privileges might be provoked.

You need to provide sources for your edits. Just saying that a song was played is not a source and doesn't make it so.

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