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All TBDM tour info comes from here:

Judas Priest Demolition tour info comes from here:


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Please stop editing setlist the wrong way

Hi, the offspring song they played on tour is called “it won’t get better”, I have two set lists from the shows that can confirm this. The song has changed quite a bit to the studio version called “the opioid diaries” I noticed you changed about 90 set lists so please revert them back

thanks on Suicidal Tendencies at Hristo Botev Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria 2000 correction

did you attend black sabbath april 22 1971 njårdhallen, oslo? do you know if there exists a recording?

Hello my friend. You recently edited a S.O.D. show from 1997. Just to let you know The Inferno song is called "Ram It Up Your Cunt" not "Ram It Up." The short title was only used by S.O.D. at the behest of their label . Please correct this. Thank you so much....

Stop editing shows you haven't been to! This is the second time you have messed up my hard work.

Hey thank you for all your hard work in finding these early dates for ICP shows. I was wondering how did you find the January 14, 1992 specific date for the infamous college show? I've been trying for years to find the date with no such luck. Let me know, thanks.

You should stop to wrongly edit the Lionsoul's setlists with the Judas Priest medley, I was there, you weren't, they play it.

Thanks for fixing those KISS covers! I hadn't yet learned of the proper spelling when I put them in.

Awesome that you’ll get to see them! I really enjoyed that they added Miasma and Warborn to their Nightbringers set this round. Have fun next week!

Is the tour going to go somewhere close to you? Hope you get to see them!

Hey! Sorry for the delay—haven’t logged in since the last show. Just saw them tonight! Made the trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff. Similar set to the summer; kicked ass as usual! Right up front. Ghoul was fun and hilarious. Have you seen them?

You seem to be adding a lot of assumed stock setlists for shows you did not attend like the one below. In this one you decided that my edits and comments should be disregarded. Please stop. And please reply on my page as to what your reasoning was for making these changes.

Please read
Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from apply.

17 August Social D concert I attended in Sacramento is not the one involving Mike Ness jumping into the crowd. It was two days later at the same place.
The setlist is good as is.

Hey the song is called Spanish 102 on my setlist. The added different parts to the medley hence the name change.

Glad you had a blast! They just got done killing it here, too! I imagine they’ll make the rounds again in another half-year or so. Until then!

Cool—thanks! It looks like that helped. I had seen your “incomplete” notes, but thought people might not look far enough to see it when checking if a list had been entered.

Hope you enjoy seeing them when they come to your city! It’ll be on July 3rd for me. My favorite band and always a solid show.

Could you please consider no longer entering the opening part of the Nightbringers set at every show. It’s nice to get it started, but I’m wondering if others who actually attended will think the list is complete and not go in to add the songs that were performed in addition to the Nightbringers album. What do you think? Thanks!

I'm not sure why you would remove the set numbers from those Primus shows, but please don't do it again. I reverted your edits for the day. I don't have time to look through them one-by-one... They played more than one set at those shows.

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