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Glad you had a blast! They just got done killing it here, too! I imagine they’ll make the rounds again in another half-year or so. Until then!

Cool—thanks! It looks like that helped. I had seen your “incomplete” notes, but thought people might not look far enough to see it when checking if a list had been entered.

Hope you enjoy seeing them when they come to your city! It’ll be on July 3rd for me. My favorite band and always a solid show.

Could you please consider no longer entering the opening part of the Nightbringers set at every show. It’s nice to get it started, but I’m wondering if others who actually attended will think the list is complete and not go in to add the songs that were performed in addition to the Nightbringers album. What do you think? Thanks!

I'm not sure why you would remove the set numbers from those Primus shows, but please don't do it again. I reverted your edits for the day. I don't have time to look through them one-by-one... They played more than one set at those shows.

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