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What I love about attending live music is that unlike sporting events, everybody leaving a concert wins.


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Looks like Totally Tubular is a Touring Festival.
Because of the current site programming, Touring Festivals should be set up as Tours and not Festivals.
Each artist's setlist will list the other acts that performed at the venue that day. When searching for the tour/fest name, all the shows of the Touring Festival will be listed.

It has to do with how the programming for festivals was originally setup.
See Vans Warped Tour (only the 25th Festival is setup as a Festival as it was the only event that year, the rest as Touring Festivals (Tours)
Occasionally a user adds a Festival to the Touring Festivals and a couple of the mods rty and stay on top of it and remove the festival name, keeping the Tour.

I think the Guidelines need to be more specific on how Touring Festivals should be setup, I'll add it to the update request list.

Understand. Thanks!

That makes one of us!


Hey, SC:

Super cone-fusing, but the Totally Tubular Festival is actually a tour, so the individual dates are not listed as festivals. Already put in a change for this date:


I would assume because it took place during a Pearl Jam concert, despite the performance of "Hurt" itself being a solo performance by Eddie. It's kind of a weird technicality, if anything.

Hey. I was thinking similarly re: "Hurt" but only wanted to make one edit to the info note at a time since the "setlist keepers" like to swarm. Can you post a picture link in the stylist comments (to flickr or any other free photosharing site) of the printed setlist you have with the EV solo note?

Ok. I actually liked that response.

Nice work during the U2 Spehere residency updating the setlists and keeping them accurate! thanks.

I think Bono asking for a spotlight on Larry from the stage (and whatever else said that fits and is a good description) is definitely info note worthy on the song.

Traffic Jam tour had no opener except a DJ for about 2 hours before show started around 9:20 and ended at 11. Band sounded great and the crowd was smoked out. Basically playing same songs in different orders each night. Check the earlier Nevada shows for a set list. Here's a video of mine from Wednesday.

It seems like a lot of the super close-up performance footage was filmed during the rehearsal (so the cameras could get closer).
Thanks for staying on top of the setlist.

The setlist being deleted the morning of/night before the show is not okay. What if the band was live during the award presentation and Bono had sung a line of the song? No one knew because it hadn't happened yet.
The point of the Guidelines (and this site) is to archive information based on facts, not hunches, or guesses. Sure, we all "knew" it would be a video but no one knows what is going to happen during a live television broadcast until it happens. And the setlist shouldn't have been touched until then.

unlocked. thanks
Do photos verify it's the 27th vs the other night it was filmed?
I haven't watched it yet, maybe it was the same wardrobe both nights.

Hi! any chance you can upload photo of the ticket stub for gnr longbeach 2/4/88? we're trying to correct some GNR info - but everything says 2/4/88 was in Sac - including TSOL websites for their opening act.

I think it is worth noting. He plays it pretty much every time they perform the song live (which isn't often) but people reading the setlists today, 1 year, 10 years+ from now don't know that.
It's not an instrument he normally plays at shows. Edge handles the keyboard duties on other songs normally, or someone under the stage plays.
Other artists, where the lead singer is just the singer, or normally plays guitar & sings, its noted when. they perform on another instrument.
When Foo Fighters play Under Pressure, if it was Taylor on vocals and Dave on drums, it should be noted on every setlist that its performed that way.
A superfan/purist may revert but I'll keep an eye on it and chime in.

Encourage you to put in the Bono on keyboards note. Different than previous shows

Oh, okay. Thanks for clarifying! Today was the best show of the tour and I need to watch it again :D

I saw that fact about DDIO being played as a snippet. You can add that to the comments at the end

Thanks for the heads up. I locked the setlist so it doesn't get added in the future. Any mod or roadie can edit a locked setlist so if there is a soured edit needed, contact.

"If I see a highly questionable edit by a user that hasn't attended any concerts, is it safe to assume it's a troll and delete the change?"

What's their source for the edit?
Some users don't mark themselves as attending shows.
Some users edit shows they didn't attend but have good sources for their edits. Some users live in countries where artists rarely tour but they edit with social media posts, fan group posts, livestream sources.

If it's not a verifiable source, revert.
If you suspect they're trolling, or making lots of bad edits without sources, please report the setlist or user in the troll forum or to a Mod or Roadie.
Thanks for keeping your eyes on bad edits.

Thanks for asking about I Could Have Lost You / I Couldn't Find You

Neither of these are released U2 songs. They represent 4 lines each that Bono sings before the song Zoo Station on tour. For the original Zoo TV tour, it made sense to call this snippet "I Could Have Lost You," see the lyrics below.

However, the lyrics for the Sphere Residency are different. For this tour, it makes more sense to call this snippet "I Couldn't Find You"

If U2 ever releases a titled song that features these snippets, it would make sense to retroatively retitle them at

ZooTV 1992 tour version:

I, I could have lost you
I, I could have let you go
Slipping through the cracks
Slipping through the cracks

U2:UV 2023 Sphere Residency version:

I, I couldn't find you
Ah, where are you hiding from me?
Alone... I'm not alone
Alone... I'm not alone

I realize that U2Gigs does it differently. I have reached out to them to consider changing it.

Thanks again!


Hello. Yes, the Jan 1989 shows were make-up shows for Nov 1988 due to Michael's vocal cord issues, you are correct. Amazing concert, I was very fortunate to catch it.

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