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Hey yo, I forgot to mention that I DID in fact, find the live video of this song eventually.

That's okay, thanks man!

I just wondered whether it was early on in the song because normally they just keep going or stop, call the guy who messed up a fuckwit, and continue where they left off E.g.

So the only logical explanation would be if it was during the intro, unless they wanted to play the song without messing up on it's live debut.

That said, I'll find the recording of it one day, and get DF to play that song live again. I guarantee it (Sam already told my friend they want to do Cry for Eternity sometime).

Yeah, that's cool. Basically I've been lurking around the Internet to find any footage from when they did The Flame of Youth back there and I absolutely can't find it anywhere. (this song)

While I'm sure you don't have the footage, do you remember that song from the show? How was it? (how was the song introduced and which part did they mess up at)

Yeah, I'm that desperate to know a tiny bit about it. It's my favourite song.

Do you maybe remember the DragonForce concert from 2007, MEN arena?

Cheers man appreciate it.

You're right, thanks for letting me know. All the other DragonForce setlists used "When Dragons Rule" so I assumed that was correct. I fixed all the setlists so they now have "Where Dragons Rule". Thanks again.

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