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Hi Mike, thanks for all the updates on the Epica concert of yesterday. Much appreciated!

Gelieve voor Alcatraz deze permanente link te gebruiken voor de volgende dagen.
Elke website kan op deze website bewaard worden.

De laatste drie linksblijven sowieso in je geschiedenis staan. Dus kan je ze evengoed blijven gebruiken in plaats van een nieuwe aan te maken. En de laatste 5 edits blijven zichtbaar op de setlist pagina zonder extra klik zodat men deze zal consulteren zonder naar onder te gaan.

Why not continue using the link which is listed in your sources instead of just mentioning live stream?

Graag update van de concerten die plaats vinden in Hall Le Sassin volgens je bron http://www.durbuyrock.be/lineup/
Beide locaties kunnen gelinkt worden aan het festival

Ja zie ik ook nu. Dat komt omdat de datum tussen deze van https://www.lessines.be/evenements/summer-nights-fever ligt. Zal Summer Nights Fever moeten opdelen anders zal dit niet lukken.

Maybe you should read further where it tells
The Female Metal League Fest will take place in a magical place, between countryside and town, nearby the prestigious Hôpital Notre Dame à la Rose i Lessines.
I think there's already a venue existing for the Hospital.

PS It wasn't me who took away your roadie badge.

Those two bands may be very well known to you, but this is a community and you should keep in mind not everybody has heard of these groups. I had never heard of them before.
Since this is a community it's better to continually share sources and to set a good example.
Since you've added the sources only a couple of minutes after I asked for them, it was easy for you to find them, so a little more effort by copying and pasting these while you add the setlist may not be that hard to do.
Thanks and please continue mentioning sources.

Hey Mike,
Not sure why you were stripped of your badge, but I can see on your profile there have been a number of reminders about guidelines and naming convention; which might be the reason.
Did you respond back to those requests at all?
Cheers, Bart

Please use exact location or venue for TT Festival in Assen following the guidelines at
https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#festivalsHl for

Please use exact location or venue for the Geuzenpop festival following the guidelines at

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