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Classical follows *different* grammar/style from non-classical. Specifically "no." "op." and things like "A major/minor"...

capitalization is not a valid source, this can be interpreted any way.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the info. But I guess it could be 11 October show.

Hi there,
I noticed you posted this show based on the info Discogs.
I understand that it is natural you believe the info is true.
But unfortunately, the info is wrong. He didn’t play on October 1, 1971 in Japan.
So, I have deleted the setlist. : )

Report the problem on the forum problems with festivals to change the dates of the festivals. If the festival was in different locations, list the dates per venue.

You have been asked several times to provide a valuable source. Answering What the hell is not a good answer.
You may have good knowledge about certain songs or artists, but not everybody may be informed, so that's another reason, to help less experienced users and show them why you changed something.
It's a small effort for you.

Again telling Correct redirection is not a valuable source for
Put the link where it's proven you're correct.

Please give us a link La légende du petit ours gris is an original by Felix Leclerc. Stating it is no source.
If I would change it to e.g. a Beatles cover and tell so in the comment it doesn't proof my point.
It may well be a cover, but stating this isn't a valid source.
"Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer"
Give us a link where everybody can see this was sung by Bourvil. If it was composed by someone else and released by that person, no matter how long after Bourvil released his version, the cover should be assigned to that person.
And while we're at it read
Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from apply.