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no worries! first time seeing them?

Ha! I was just looking through the previous setlists myself and came to the same conclusion, so that's where I've added it. Great minds...!!
Nice blog by the way - I'm going to that Shame gig in November too, so we can collectively recover our memory after that one too!!

Okay, thanks. I'm going with your suggestion of 'Army' followed by 'Ether' for the first encore. I was convinced they played 'Why Theory?' at some stage, but maybe not - I knew I shouldn't have had that last pint!! Thanks for your help with this.

Hi - thanks for getting in touch. Yes, you're right - they definitely played 'He'd Send In The Army' - so was the encore 'He'd Send In The Army', followed by 'Why Theory?' followed by 'Ether'? Or did they not play 'Ether'? I thought it was a two song encore, so maybe 'Ether' was just a figment of my imagination!!
After the lights came up they did a second encore and played 'I Found That Essence Rare', which was great, but I reckon at least half the crowd had emptied out by then.

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