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Hi Keenomanjaro
Do you record any of the gigs you go to?

Thanks for the help on that stelist...AND the good thing about being a "grizzled old punk" is that I did get to see a lot of great bands back in the day. But've seen HEROES of mine like Wire, The Manics, and This name just a few, that I've never had the chance to see!!

Thanks for the help with that setlist. I added the 2 songs you told me about, and noted that Charity Kase was on the one song. I also messaged the other user that was there on the corrected night, so they can change their concert attendance listings. if you remember any other songs that Amyl and The Sniffers did that night, please feel free to add them, or message me and i can add them for you.

Many thanks for the corrected date on that Amyl and The Sniffers setlist. I am always happy to get or give help. Wish I could have seen this show in person!!

Omg. My 1st (and only) reader! It's just for personal memory sake really.
If ya want to shoot me a message there, we can try to say hi at Shame.

....just checked some earlier setlists and they've slotted Why Theory? between D.Goods and Uniform at the last 2 shows on here, so that might be what happened. I do remember it being sort of mid-set.

I think they might have played Why Theory? earlier too. I vividly remember the melodica (mouth harp thing). Any other songs with it? I think you can slot it in to the main set, and then just write a note that order isn't 100%. Like me, you might have seen the setlist taped to the stage, and they definitely mixed up the order on Army, so why not? Maybe someone with less inebriation on the evening will wander by... :)

Cool. Thanks for replying. I too feel like they played Ether, so post encore likely was Army then Ether, then off, then 2nd encore. I thought Gill was limping when he went off, so didn't stick around after lights went up. Damn! Lucky thing!

Just looking at the Gang of Four setlist and noticed that He'd Send In the Army is missing (where the microwave becomes percussion). I think it was first of 2 after encore. I left when the lights went up, did they do another song after that? (10:38) Thx.

Thank you so much, you've provided the first known performance of Coma! As for the date, the Muse EP came out on May 11 1998, so is it possible you attended some sort of pre-release, or was it likely to be a June date instead? I'm wondering if the band perhaps released copies beforehand.

Again I really have to thank you for this, I really appreciate it.

Hey, I noticed that you tagged Muse's 1998 performance at the Swansea Rockit as one that you attended. I'm just wondering if you remembered anything about the gig or its setlist, if any songs such as Uno were played that you remember. As an early Muse gig it would be an immense value to the community if you remembered any details. If you remember anything from the gig or have any sort of setlist information, please let me know or fill in what you can to the setlist. Thanks very much and have a great day!

Here's the link: