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"because you're too much of an idiot to notice that no real setlist from Rock Star Supernova even exists from before 2007"
I realise this.

"Would you rather I had wasted time requesting each individual delete, or done what I could to move them to a place that no one would ever even see?"

"Delete all the Rock Star Supernova sets excluding 2007 setlists"
Already done by the time you posted to my user page.

"You're basically telling me that I should have let them sit and rot under the original bands they were labeled under even though none of these gigs ever took place or could ever be proved to have taken place."
See above.

"Next time you have a problem, just deal with it"
I did deal with it.

"instead of bitching to someone involved"
Just pointing out that your foolish behaviour does not go unnoticed, and telling you the correct way to deal with such matters in the future.

For starters asshole, do not leave insulting messages on my wall because you're too much of an idiot to notice that no real setlist from Rock Star Supernova even exists from before 2007 because they're all fake setlists. Would you rather I had wasted time requesting each individual delete, or done what I could to move them to a place that no one would ever even see? It's not my fault that people had claimed they were at concerts that never existed.

Calling me an idiot, a problem, and a quality diluter proves that you're just a bitter person because you have nothing better to do with your life except edit setlists on a site. Delete all the Rock Star Supernova sets excluding 2007 setlists, I deliberately never redirected them to a 2007-year setlist. You're basically telling me that I should have let them sit and rot under the original bands they were labeled under even though none of these gigs ever took place or could ever be proved to have taken place. Next time you have a problem, just deal with it instead of bitching to someone involved in it over two years ago.

This link won't work once I redirect to the "real gig", but when you incorrectly changed the date and artist of this setlist, you made it so that three users' personal statistics state that they saw Rock Star Supernova in 1993 (completely fake), rather than The Strokes in 2014 (on the wrong date, easily spotted and fixed).

I know these stupid edits (that I've spotted today) were done two years ago - I hope you've sorted your methods on this website out since.

13 Mar 2015, 21:55
"Not a real gig, dumping it at a band no one gives a shit about"

12 May 2015, 04:47
"If this is a duplicate set, let's move it to some band that no one cars about. I mean we can't delete it"

It's idiot comments and attitudes like this that are the problem.

Why did you edit the artist of a bunch of incorrect Muse setlists to Rock Star Supernova? Now I must go through the RSS setlists one by one and delete the incorrect ones.
Next time, report bad setlists in this forum topic, rather than diluting the quality of the database.


Sorry for the delay in responding to your question regarding Muse at Brixton in October 1999, it’s very tough to remember what they played, you have to remember Showbiz had just been released not many people knew them & it was around September in England were getting airplay on the radio & Muscle Museum & Sunburn were becoming very popular, people who knew music were making sure though they caught Muse during their support slots & I was told by a group of guys to see them, I remember around September 1st getting into them.

In less than 6 months Muse were developing a good fan base the rest they say in history, sadly I can’t stomach them now, they’ve been poor since the 4th LP with the exception of 4/5 songs if that, they are more like a college band & their gigs are like a ‘Show’ then a gig, they are huge but it doesn’t mean they are good or their music is. The 3rd LP is very good but it started a new wave of fans, particularly thanks to MTV playing TIRO about 34 times in an hr, this gave them more international acclaim.

Yes, I was at the popscene show in SF on 7/29/99. I found a copy of the set list in my belongings and looked online to see if there was any documentation anywhere and there didn't seem to be, so I decided to upload it.

Oh, awesome! Good call on it being from 1999! You know your shit! :P Very happy to be of assistance! I'll let you know if I see anything else! :)

Alright, awesome! Thank you for contacting him! :D I'm very, VERY curious to see how far back this setlist goes... A performance of "Rain" in 1999 would be interesting, if it was true... And I have an image of the setlist saved onto my computer in case it gets away! So we're good! And don't mention it! :)

If I were you, I'd ask the seller if they remember anything about the location, venue, and date. My email is a mess right now (I'm dealing with a hacker from China), so I'd do it (if you could) before the setlist disappears. :P

Hey there! Just a head's up! There's a Muse setlist up for sale on eBay, and I think it's from 1998! It has "Rain" written on it, which alone makes it a great discovery! Unfortunately, the guy that uploaded it didn't give any info on the date, the venue, the location of the gig, or anything, which is problematic... I thought maybe you'd want to check it out! :)

Good to hear from you again, as well! :) Thank you for what you've found for Pulp and also for Radiohead! I really do appreciate it! :D And yes, let us hope! Thank you very much! Cheers!

Hey buddy, could I ask a small favor if you have any spare time and/or if you want to? As of late, I've been trying to find missing setlists for a British band called Pulp. There's a considerable chunk of their setlists missing or incomplete from 1980-1996 and a couple from 1998. 1999-2012 are all completely filled in. I've already exhausted the sites PulpWiki, Acrylicafternoons, Truth and Beauty/oocities, and the Bar Italia Forum. I've also asked users who were at the missing/incomplete gigs and got what I could out of them. But, since you've found so much for Muse, some of which I didn't even think existed or happened, I figured you could help me with Pulp. Could you try to find any of the missing or incomplete setlists if you have the time? If you don't want to, it's no big deal, I'll understand, but if you could, it'd be a big help and I'd owe you one. What do you say? :)

The link to their page:

I totally agree to collaborate with you in uploading audios and bootlegs ... I don't know if you know that I have an extensive website with more than 600 concerts (many from 1999-2007 as you wanted). But many links of the bootlegs I've uploaded MEGA not work anymore. I will upload them back, but it take time to do, if I can help with anything on MuseWiki, you just tell me. Sorry for my poor English, maybe I did not quite understand your idea, but I'll do what I can.

The website in question is; .
Also I have a Muse-twitter account (@MuseGig) if you want to help too, and a personal account (@HaritzErased)

In response to your message about Muse at the Evelyn in Melbourne in March 2000. I can't remember what they played for definite but I know for a fact that they played the b-side to Muscle Museum which I remember being called Pink but having subsequently looked it up found it to be called Pink Ego Box.

Hey, you asked me about the setlist at Quart Festival in 2000. I'm pretty sure they did most of the regular songs at that time, but I don't have a full setlist unfortunately. These were played in Oslo the same year, and some new tracks that weren't named at the time I think: Uno, Sunburn, Sober, Hate This & I'll Love You, Unintended, Muscle Museum, Cave, Fillip and Showbiz.

Oh, and by the way, it's cool to see you working on Radiohead sets! They're my all-time favorite band, and I've done just about all I can to fill shit out for them! Maybe you can find some stuff I haven't! :P

Hey there! So I translated the review and read it all, and to me, it sounds like this person got to the gig early and without a ticket, then tried to sneak in to watch the band's rehearsal/soundcheck, and got kicked out by security. But they listened from outside and heard the band play "Banana Co." and "India Rubber" in soundcheck. Then they somehow got into the actual show and recalled seeing the band play "Street Spirit" (as the opening song, which fits because they opened on 11/4/95 with it), "Stop Whispering", "Creep", "Anyone Can Play Guitar", and "Banana Co." in their set, and they also encored with "Nobody Does It Better". I've based the order of those 6 songs on surrounding dates from this part of the tour. That would be the way to put them into the setlist.

So in my opinion, unfortunately, it looks like "India Rubber" was only soundchecked based on the info given by the writer of this review. It is possible that they might have played "India Rubber" at this gig because of the lack of complete setlists from this part of the band's career, plus it did make an appearance a month later (which makes a November performance probable) and Radiohead are completely unpredictable... I personally would get a couple more opinions on this before making a move. I'm sure the review makes more sense if you read Japanese, but it didn't come out so good in English... Hopefully this helps! :)

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