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Hi, thanks for doing the 2002 Richard Ashcroft gig at the Brixton Academy. Do you have any idea who the support acts were?

Hey, I noticed that you had tagged Muse's 1999 concert at the Brixton Academy as one that you attended. I'm just wondering if you remembered them playing any particular songs such as Recess, or any details about the setlist? If you manage to remember any, I'd really appreciate if you could please add them to the setlist or let me know. Thanks a ton, and have a great day!

Here's the concert link:

You puto man, you weren't even probably born when I saw Feeder in 1999, what would you know??

Feeder are shit that's all, your the moron with their user name, I guess you know the band eh? Talk to them? go on holiday with them as well?

Go do your homework puto, the school bells ringing.

Shut up GT005. keep your comments to yourself. Feeder were not playing "Trash" as you so put it. Considering that the tour was not anywhere before or after an album release, that setlist I think was well chosen. People like you moaning about setlists piss me off, even if it was changed so it was wildly different, you'd still be moaning, like those who wanted mellow Feeder back after "Renegades" and "Silent Cry" came out, but wanted heavy Feeder back beforehand.

I like to see you form your own band and headline the Roundhouse or something bigger.