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Hi Nuclear! I saw that you add the setlist of the gig of Robbie Williams on Radio 1 1998 and its correct because I have the recording. I would like to know if you have recordings and bootlegs of him, I have a lot if you want to exchange (for example Roskilde 2001). Thanks :)

Hi, I see that you were at this concert
If you have any materials, for example: video, photo, audio. Contact me, write to me at the mail:
I'm ready to pay, or trade this stuff, thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the information! I really appreciate it!

Hey, I noticed that you had tagged Muse's 1999 concert at the Manchester University as one that you attended. I'm just wondering if you remembered them playing any particular songs such as Uno, or any details about the setlist? If you manage to remember any, I'd really appreciate if you could please add them to the setlist or let me know. Thanks a ton, and have a great day!

Here's the concert link:

I'm in awe of the number of times you have seen bands like Biffy, 65dos and Oceansize haha

Dude, how have you seen so many bands O.O

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