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Sounds like a blast! Thanks for the reply!

Hey! At the Michael Jackson concert in 1997 did you film any of it? If not, no worries I'm just curious.

hi! i saw that you had attended the Tortoise show at the Admiralspalast in November of 2010

I was wondering if you also happened to catch Menomena's set that same day? If so, do you possibly remember any of the songs they might have played? i believe a heavy majority of the songs were off their albums Mines and Friend and Foe, just wondering if you happened to recall anything. thank you for reading and have a great day! :)

hey, I'm trying to contact you again: could you send me tortoise setlist to my address: I'd be so grateful :)

hello besas, i saw tortoise again in Porto. it was brilliant again.
i want to try again to contact you regarding that recording. don't you happen to have a facebook account or could we communicate shortly through whatsapp?

Or asking the other way round: which other social media do you use where I can find you?

Thanks a ton for the info!! They didn't happen to play Feeling Good at all, if you recall?

Really appreciate it :)

Hey, I noticed that you tagged Muse's 2000 concert at the Berlin Columbiahalle as one that you attended. Do you happen to remember anything that was performed that night? If you can remember whether or not they performed songs like Uno, I would really appreciate if you would let me know or to add them to the setlist. Early Muse setlists like these are very hard to come by, so I could really use the help! Thanks very much, and have a great day:)

Here's the link:

ANd of course, it would awesome to have access to that Recording :)

ah! allright, so it's monica then! I don't have nothing until at the drive in in April and this town needs guns also in April. maybe some small gigs at Schokolade. But it will be nice to meet you!

great to hear you enjoyed the show! i will go to see villagers this month, pj harvey in june, otherwise my mind can't recall the others right now

i am pretty sure it was monica, i recorded the show ;)

Now I'm doubting: was it Monica or rather It's All Around You?

i really love the show, each show from them. I really love this band and they hit me each time live. glad to hear you also enjoyed it that much. one of them I was able to met them and hang around in kreuzberg.
what other bands or next concerts do you have in mind?

yeah there was not much to be changed :)
the show was wonderful! great to see them, it's been a while.
how did you like the show?

You were right about Tortoise's setlist. But I almost had it! Hope you enjoyed the show!

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