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Sorry no MJ footage here.

Hi. Sorry, no. To be honest I didn’t think it was all that anyway. He was shit.

No I did not. I only make short videos at concerts and there are no photos or videos of this concert in 1988. Sorry.

Hi nothing from my MJ gig in 1992, I was only 9 :)

The concerts that I have filmed are here:

My full concert list is here:


No film or pictures. Good luck

Unfortunately, I don't have any photo or film

No, I don't have any footage of the 1988 MJ concert but there are a few vids on Youtube.

No audio/video but I did take photo’s not sure where they are though.Almost caught his hat. The person directly behind me got it…

Knorrisss, Why do you ask?
Not many people would have had the ability to stay still or get close enough to film this with the technology available at the time. Also better to live in the moment and enjoy rather than see the world or an event through a screen.

No, I didn’t. I don’t take video at concerts.

Sorry... no MJ in Hockenheim... my filming career didn’t start until around 2008 when one could buy a relatively decent point-and-shoot camera that filmed.

Hi, no sorry, I didn’t record this concert. Wish I had though!

Sorry, no, I don’t have any footage from the MJ show in 1988!

Hi Knorrisss, sorry filming the MJ Concert in Würzburg 1988 would have been impossible for me standing in row 3 with 45k perple pushing from the back even if i tried... ;-) But there is footage of that Concert available on YouTube , filmed from a vineyard outside the concert area. Lousy quality- as all Videos in the eighties were...

Hi, Sorry, I wasn't able to do any shooting at the concert.


I didn't have a camera with me at the 1997 Michael Jackson concert at Don Valley Stadium as I was only 11 years old at the time. I think the only memorabilia we have from that event is a tour program, which my sister may have.

Sorry I did not take a camera into the stadium back then, it was also almost impossible to do so before cellphones because of security restrictions... Michael was directly over my head when he was dangling from the crane during Beat It and Earth Song though :)

Hey, it was almost impossible to bring a camera into concerts before cell phones! Some take the risk but it they catch you at the entry with one, they can stop you and you will miss the show !!!


No, I don't have any recording of Paris show in 1997