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Hi K,
I don't have any videos from the 1988 MJ concert.
Regards, IM

You've asked me three times. If I delete the Michael Jackson concert from my show list, will you stop bothering me? "Then again, I don't see the big deal." I don't want comments on my page. It doesn't matter if you understand my reasons. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Hi there! I was curious if you filmed or know of anyone who filmed the Michael Jackson concert in 1997.

Sadly not...


Sorry, no filming in 1997 either...

True, earthquake struck during the end of the last encore, "Man In The Mirror", as the band were taking their bows 1/18/89. I know of no footage of the concert, but there was recently released a recording of the last show of the tour on 1/27/89.

No, I did not film the Michael Jackson concert from 1997. The concert 14 days earlier - also from Copenhagen - Was filmed. It Can be bought on the internet. Saw it once on a web site.

Sorry. I have no video of the '96 MJ show in Bangkok. Just my memories.

Can we work something out for a copy of that Hoffs show? I think I have most of the U2 and Cure shows that you were at and happily send you a bunch.

Also it was almost impossible to carry any device in the stadiums at that time. So most of the concerts I needed to record I needed to go up high like sections 300 for most of them.

No that concert I went to was actually not on mtv. I wish I had a chance to film it but also most of the films have been deleted.

Sorry no MJ footage here.

Hi. Sorry, no. To be honest I didn’t think it was all that anyway. He was shit.

No I did not. I only make short videos at concerts and there are no photos or videos of this concert in 1988. Sorry.

Hi nothing from my MJ gig in 1992, I was only 9 :)

The concerts that I have filmed are here:

My full concert list is here:


No film or pictures. Good luck

Unfortunately, I don't have any photo or film

No, I don't have any footage of the 1988 MJ concert but there are a few vids on Youtube.

No audio/video but I did take photo’s not sure where they are though.Almost caught his hat. The person directly behind me got it…

Knorrisss, Why do you ask?
Not many people would have had the ability to stay still or get close enough to film this with the technology available at the time. Also better to live in the moment and enjoy rather than see the world or an event through a screen.

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