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Cool, I last saw Smiler a year or so ago at our friend Lesley Edgar's birthday party, he's been in Brighton for quite a few while. Yes, I see you were at lots of the same gigs, the early Southern death cult, Meteors etc too, as well as the TOH ones, so you'll definitely know/remember lots of the others I mentioned too.
My first gig was The Clash at Lewisham Odeon when I was 12 in Feb 1980. Was seeing punk bands (Damned etc) at the Lyceum on Sunday eves regular after that. I only got refused entry for being so young at a UK subs gig at the Music Machine. Occasionally had to give a blag or some pleading at the Lyceum but surprisingly got in everywhere else ok. In early 81 I switched from punk gear to worlds end & johnsons clothes and a bleached mac curtis, so yes that was me, the small kid with the blonde hair at all the TOH gigs :) I prob would've got refused entry more often, as I was 13/14 but looked about 11 or 12 lol. I was fortunate though as I got to know most of my favourite bands (Martian Dance, TOH, Bow wow wow, Southern death cult etc) so used to get in for free or find a way to bunk in :) I got into the forming of a few other different genres throughout the 80s, but gigging with those bands, and our crowds/friends then, were my favourite times.

Hi Gary, yes he did go to lots of TOH gigs. We used to all go together, following TOH on tour, particularly during '81. A big part of our crowd were from the same area (Bromley/SE London) Alvain, Warren, Asian Steve, Punky John, Myself, Roy, Smiler, Amber, Lisa, Gavin, Bob Wand, Dave Carol, Dave Dare. And yes, Soapy too, he's a good old mate :) and the rest of our TOH crowd, Madge, Johna, Nasty Neal, Julie, Stewart & Dixie, etc. I was only 14 then, and the tiny kid in the gang! I see we were at some of the same gigs, Lyceum, Gillingham etc. Leeds Queens Hall was a good line up wasn't it, TOH, Bauhaus and The Cramps :)

Hi, yes I assumed due to someone taking the time and expense to put out an advert that it must be correct , but if you remember being there then feel free to re-instate it. I can’t see anything else about it, the only thing I can think of would be to go through the news section from around that time via the source. I do however note that the ad seems to have been in the 20th April issue, which wouldn’t have been much good to ticket holders such as you! If you can dig anything up it’d be good and hopefully others will help confirm.

hi pal. I recently decided to search, update, try to recall gigs I've been to. lol re the NDD gigs. I've only added a couple of gigs. I'm generally only adding gigs to my list that are on here already.

Thanks for the report, don't know if you reported it on the to be deleted setlist or only as a comment on the setlist itself. To be noticed as a comment it has to be seen by someone who is able to do it.
Strange that he didn't list David Gilmour or the other guests as a seperate setlist.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. According to these sites:
the venue named as The Whisky A GoGo closed in 1981

Hi, are you sure, that you've seen Alice Cooper 1988 with Kingdom Come in Wembley?
Kingdom Come played with Magnum 1988 in UK.
see ad:
Chrome Molly was the support of the Cooper Tour 1988
If it is so, please delete your attendence and the setlist will be deleted.
Please let me know.

I find it ridiculous too. Unfortunately I don't know anything about laws and surely not about laws concerning directly or indirectly setlists. Thanks for add some of them again by the way.

Hi Gash, indeed, the admin of the site has notified me that approximately 700 setlists of the Damned have been deleted.
Actually, as a fan of the band, I discovered this website: which informed all the shows played by the damned and the setlist for a big majority of them. So as a big, I decided to put them all on, I've done it for every concert between 2000 and 2018, which represent 700 setlists. So the Admin of said to me that the owner of the site has sued or threatened to and the legal department of the site has no other choice than delete all the setlists I have edited. I have no other information, and I'm disgusted because I've spent a lot of time on it and I was very happy with the result, which left a mark of the band's history on this website, approachable for everyone.
Anyway, the admin also said to me that if another user add them again, there will be no problems, so you can do it if you want (do it please ;) )
So here is the reason!

Maybe you can look after the show you attended, maybe on the website of the band, in old flyers or on archives and then you may find the name of the venue back then.

Hi! A basic venue created by a random user has at first neither open date nor close date, but a moderator can edit the venue and add one of them (or both). That's why venues edited with open or close date are usually more or less famous venues. So the dates are assigned manually.
Concerning the venue itself, I read that there was a upstairs and downstairs room. Maybe there is different venues for both of them and the one room you were in wasn't closed.

Thanks for the reporting. I let a comment on his profile.

Hi, I saw you have edited the setlist and it seems that the user didn't edited again so let's wait and see if he start again

You're right: I didn't think about that point.
Concerning the medley, I fixed it.
Thank you for your message! Happy to see that there is historic fan of historic bands as users of the website.

Hi, I just saw your comments on The Damned setlist concerning Smash it up.
Firstly, there is already 802 setlists edited with "Smash it up", without specification about the 2 parts. It will take a very very long time to edit all those setlist to split "Smash it up" in "Smash it up part 1" and "Smash it up part 2". That's why I keep on editing setlist Damned setlist with only "Smash it up".
Secondly, it appears that nearly all Damned shows included the two parts of Smash it up. That's why it is precised by a comment when only the part 2 is played. Like here:
I hope you will now agree with me. Nonetheless, your point of view is understandable and rigorous.

Amazing how easy/quickly I can forget it seems. perhaps i was influenced by all the Skids vids i watched after the gig. amazed at what's now out there. sad they didn't play my fav, Arena. but just glad i was there :) thanks to you both for putting the gig on here. saved me doing it from bad hindsight (altho i would have referred to prev setlists in the tour, seems pretty standardised.). great gig :)

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