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Salut ! Je ne me souviens pas que Slayer ait joué "Disciple" au Hellfest 2017, pour moi je suis pratiquement sûr qu'ils ont enchainé direct "Mandatory Suicide" apres "Repentless"

Thanks for fixing / changing The Sex Pissed Dolls @ Isle of Wight. I've added in last nights gig, I'll update the setlist soon...... What do we do when a band changed the names from The Sex Pissed Dolls to The Dolls ? Is there a AKA option ? or do we start off with a new band ? Or just leave it as is as most people know them by their original name.

THE DOLLS - Isle of White festival 2016 should be using Sex Pissed Dolls (The Dolls you've used is a different band). Not sure how caters for a bands name change? I've added the Sex Pissed Dolls to the festival as I've been trying to collate their setlist over the last year. Andrew

Regarding the Rebellion 2014 fest: - three different rooms I just updated all existing entries and added a couple more. Could you please delete "Melkweg" from the venues for the festival, it was held at The Max, the Oude Zaal and the Theaterzaal.

Hi, just noticed you added 11 setlist for the Rebellion 2014 Festival @ the Melkweg. Could you please specify the exact room the shows were held at. The Melkweg has various different rooms, see the individual profiles. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Salut, oui, pas de problème pour se voir au Métaphone ce samedi, je te contacte via facebook comme ça on en profitera pour se voir avant

Look it up on , the song is on there. It's not on youtube, probably because it's too explicit.

Thirty seconds to Deathcore

farben lehre in a woodstock covered Exploited , not vibrators.

Hey there, would you mind adding a Joyce Manor setlist with each of Against Me!'s setlists on their current Australia tour? Thanks :)

23rd of May 2015 is Royal blood next gig !!!

Ok those songs should be all set.

Wow that list was bigger than I expected! Anyway, I think I got them all. If you notice any I missed let me know which album they belong to.

Sometimes the site has problems with other languages. If you could let me know which songs are still listed as 'other' then I'll fix them.

Most songs are assigned to albums automatically from, but sometimes they do need to be added/fixed by hand. Only a moderator or roadie can assign songs to albums. You can request album assignments in the forum here: or, if you want to just post them on my profile I don't mind.

Yes, it should say "@Song" automatically if the person was in the band. For example Paul McCarthney was in The Beatles and Wings. If he plays songs from either of those bands it will say "@Song". However, if Wings were to play a Beatles song it would say "@Cover", because "Wings" was not a member of The Beatles. It only works with a person's name. "@Song" and "@Cover" do exactly the same thing. They are only there to connect the song to it's original album for statistic purposes.