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Wow, that’s ridiculous.
The ones which have disappeared from my gig history were mostly late ‘70s and early ‘80s.
I don’t understand what they could sue about. They’re facts regarding a band, it’s not that person’s personal property.

Someone has deleted loads of setlists by the Damned. I’ve had 23 disappear from my gig history.

It's the same for the Giuda 's concet : the19 th not the 18

about the concert of Buzzcocks at Saint Brieuc on november 2016.
I don't agree with your updated.
The concert was on the 19 november not the18.

Unfortunately, this was 1981, so pre-internet. And the band broke up before the end of the year and only released one single. So online info is limited. In fact I had to create their musicbrainz profile myself.
It was either a very early show at the WAG Club or one of the last at the Whiskey A Go-Go, but the Whiskey listing on here says it closed in 1969, which can't be right.
I'll leave it for now. It's becoming a lot of work for two gigs 37 years ago.
Thanks for your help as always.

Thanks for your response regarding the WAG Club in London.
I don't recall a downstairs, but then it has been a very long time since I was there. Maybe it was just a bar, as the room where they had gigs and club nights was definitely upstairs.
I've looked at the venue details and I can't find a way to alter the timeframe of when it was running. It was definitely 1981, as the band I saw there on two consecutive nights had already broken up by 1982.
It does seem strange that there's this huge gap between 1969 (when it says the original Whiskey A Go-Go club closed) and 1982 (when the WAG Club opened there), even though there was a club running there in between. As far as I'm aware, the WAG was just a renaming, not a new venue opening.

I've tried to add a gig at a venue, but I had an error message telling me the venue was not open at that time. So I checked here the years the venue was in operation and it says it started the year after I was at a gig there.
It's the Whiskey A Go-Go Club in London. Which it says on here was in operation from 1965-1969. It then became the WAG Club from 1982 up to 2001. However, I went to two gigs there in 1981. There is no mention online of what it was called between 1969 and 1982, although the club was still open. It was a nightclub more than a live music venue, but it still happened regularly.
I read somewhere that it became the WAG Club in 1981.
So where does setlist get the venue information from?

I see the guy's profile has been deleted, presumably he didn't take well to criticism.
Hopefully there is an Idlewild fan out there who's happy to change all the changed setlists back to how they were.

Thanks for your message. Please take a look at the profile of the guy who changed the setlist. He's been to 14 concerts, yet has made over 3,000 edits. He keeps changing already made setlists to those of different acts, on different dates at different venues in different cities.
I think you either need to contact him and find out why he's doing this or maybe block him from the website, as he's undoing lots of people's work.

Hi, can you take a look at this setlist please:
A user has opened up a setlist and changed the act, venue and date.

Apparemment Negative Approach a aussi repris Chaos des 4‐Skins ;)

Thanks for your message regarding the Damned setlist at the Lyceum. I can certainly see the logic regarding Smash it Up. Although I can't help but think that if only part 2 was played (that was after all the actual single), then whoever submits the setlist may not be aware of the need to add '(part 2 only)' as a note.
This has certainly been an interesting setlist, with some odd changes, bearing in mind a) I was actually there and b) I took the setlist song details from the track listing of an official CD recording of the show.
What I think still needs to be amended is where someone has changed the medley of Neat Neat Neat/New Rose as two separate songs. They were played continuously as a medley and New Rose had already been played earlier in the set.
37 year old Damned gigs aside, it is a wonderful website and I really enjoy adding, amending and reading up on concerts I have attended over the years. I even use it to look at the previous night's setlist when attending a gig, to see what songs I can expect.
Big thanks to you and everyone else that runs it.

Thanks again for all your help! I will try and find it on PunkTorrents.

Thank you so much! You've already helped me a ton.

Also I'm pretty sure the show was on September 11th, not November 9th.
I remember it being on 9/11/85, but maybe there was some confusion with american dating.

Awesome, thank you. I've searched all the normal channels on the internet and it doesn't seem to exist anymore aside from 1 song on youtube.

Hey. You created the setlist of the Descedents show on 11/9/85 at Berkeley Square. Do you happen to have the recording? I have been searching for it since I lost mine about 10 years ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Salut ! Je ne me souviens pas que Slayer ait joué "Disciple" au Hellfest 2017, pour moi je suis pratiquement sûr qu'ils ont enchainé direct "Mandatory Suicide" apres "Repentless"