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Not all bands have an entry on MusicBrainz, so you can't add their gigs into here until they have. So a lot of smaller gigs don't get remembered here sadly.

Gigs I regret missing cos I couldn't get there: Pallas (London ~2001); Suffolk'n'Good festival (1998-08-30); Tarlair Festival (Moray, Scotland 1993); Cropredy Festival (40th anniversary of Liege & Leif); Tadpole (Auckland, NZ ~2009 farewell gig); Townes Van Zandt (1994-12-14 Edinburgh, Scotland); Jeff Buckley (1995-06 Edinburgh, UK); Port Fairy Folk Festival (~2011 Victoria, Oz).


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I changed the festival dates. Sometimes it takes a while for the change to kick in so if you add setlists for the 6th they might not get assigned to the festival right away
In the future you should report festival threads to the thread below. If I am away or mis your post it might never get done while using the festival thread means that someone will see it for sure.

Hi - yes, similar wait for me, too. Great to see them at last!

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