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Hi i attended Kingdom come concert at leas cliff hall. I believe they were support band for blue oyster cult? If someone can refresh my memory. Thanks

They did Castles in Spain (instead of Charade? - I don't remember that one)

Ta for adding the Skids Cambridge setlist. Awesome gig, my long wait (~37 years), now over :) Happy :) STILL happy :)

Meant to preface that with - Got this from their wikipedia page but it was a bit of a memory stretch!


After Claytown Troupe played to sell-out audiences from London's famous Marquee Club and Astoria, they were invited to play as support band for The Cult's Sonic Temple tour, at venues such as Wembley Arena and Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre.

did you attend Cult's show in Wembley Arena in '89? if so, can you tell me who opened?

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