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Haha, heel scherp! Ik pas het aan naar de uitvoerende artiest ;)

Dat ben ik zeker niet, ik ontving dit ook maar jaren geleden.

Dit staat helemaal onderaan mijn profielpagina :)
Hey there, just change the date in this URL to the date you want to add:
Dit werd inderdaad onlangs gewijzigd, denk dat het voorheen tot 80 jaar in het verleden ging, de admins zullen dit dan automatisch aangepast hebben tot 1900

Indien je nog zalen vindt in Brussel, best toewijzen aan de deelgemeenten.
Weet niet of een user een adres kan toevoegen of start en einddatum, denk het niet.

Bedankt voor de inlichtingen over beide Grande Harmonies. Heb begin- en einddatum vermeld voor de Brusselse. Aangezien geen concerten in Etterbeek waren (of toch nog niet) zal deze vroeg of laat verwijderd worden.


Bedankt voor de opmerkingen in verband met Alexander Scrabin(e). Ik baseerde me op een lijst die ik ooit kreeg van een medewerker van de Botanique die gearchiveerd staat op
Inderdaad op die data staat een Bernard Lemmens die blijkbaar een pianist is. De overige namen achter zijn naam zullen de werken zijn van componisten die hij speelde.
Ook André Jolivet was in 1988 al overleden. Zal deze 4 setlists verwijderen.
Bedankt voor de opmerking.

Hi Groovegrabber,
Carpenters definitely performed 'Please Mr.Postman' at the RAH Gig. You are right that it was released in 74 in the USA and 75 in the UK, but remember it was a 196 song originally recorded by the Marvelettes. They used a couple of other songs that had not been heard here before also, so maybe they were just giving it a test run live before tweaking it into the studios. Remember also that Karen appeared late on stage, and was noted to look very skinny at that time. Maybe the first time that we in the UK noticed the changes.
I also was at a 'WHO' concert in '67 where Keith Moon was with them, in Maidstone. I honestly believe that Karen could out-drum even him at that time. She had a much better set of drums. Moonies antics in the town on his motorcycle, however hit the local headlines...

Dear Grovegrabber: I read the clip just fine. It was a high-quality performance, which was not always the case with live shows in those days. Karen's voice was velvet-smooth and Richard's harmonies were pitch-perfect. It was short by today's standards, but memorable. The only concert I attended in the 70s that was better was the Bee Gees. They came to Dayton not long after regrouping from their breakup, so they played most of their hits from the 60s. However, their new songs included Nights On Broadway and Jive Talkin', which I'm sure you know, were precursors a host of rhythm-based hits such as Night Fever, Stayin' Alive, and You Should Be Dancing, plus tender ballads like Too Much Heaven and How Deep is Your Love. At the time of the concert, they were considered old news and played in a relatively small venue. I was lucky too catch them before they hit superstardom.

Carpenter's 1971:
Thank's for the update, Grovegrabber! Going from memory is difficult. Glad you found a good source.

Thanks a lot. That was what I thought it would be but now I know for sure.

You just created a setlist for The Pied Pipers at the Maryland Theatre. I can't access the source because I don't have a subscription and I am trying to figure out which Maryland Theatre it was at as there were more than one. Does the ad give an address?