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OK I'm having second thoughts since the Orchestra isn't named. It looks like they were played by about 60 "members of the NYP" since Strauss thought the Orchestra was too big in Boston. I guess we'll just go with what's advertised in this case. You can change them back if you want.

Not matter what, we don't list the concerts under the conductor's name. We use the orchestra that is actually performing. The conductor is a part of that orchestra. We don't list Beatles shows as John Lennon. The links you posted make it clear that those shows were put on by the New York Philharmonic Society. Carl Bergmann was their normal conductor during that period. The Academy of Music was their venue. Johann Strauss did not do anything at all for the first half of the concerts... he was a guest. Of course they are going to use his name for the advertisements, he was famous. They regularly put guest musicians and conductors in nice big letters at the top of the advertisements, but that's not how we list the shows here. Every show listed under the conductor is done wrong and needs to be fixed.

Use the "Merwehal Dordrecht should be Merwedehal" topic please, since it's a very specific thing - and already existing :)

Hi, I've changed it back in 2018 after a user reported it here:

Your sources and Google Maps look like the correct name though. I'm wondering what's the confusion though - the user who reported it in the forum also seems to be from the NL. Maybe we should add your sources and explanation to the forum topic first before changing everything back?

It looks like I guessed the correct band after all. From the newspaper article: "Call us new wave or call us mainstream pop - we don't care" Cats drummer Danny Weston said recently.

Danny Weston is listed as a band member of this "Cats" band:

Which is the "jazz-rock" band listed on musicbrainz:

You are right about The Cats (I was at the show but they were a pretty unremarkable band). I posed the following to Executive Chimp.

THE CATS (not the Jazz/rock group “Cats”) supported VH on Women & Children first. I “believe” The Cats were “the Dutch band” from the Netherlands who knew the Van Halen’s because Van Halen were from the Netherlands as well. The Cats may have been reuniting or something and recording here in the States. The supported them on dates from 7/80 - 10/80
PAGE 261-264

Ik vermoed dat de bron op de Status Quo gigography spreekt over de Engelse reggae band. Heb het veranderd. Dank voor de opmerking.
The Cats waren hier in de jaren 70 ook populair.

Definitely seems like the wrong band. I changed them, but I'm honestly not sure which one is correct. Whichever 'Cat' band toured with Van Halen in 1980.

I found the source for the J5 setlist at the Hollywood Bowl and have added the songs to that setlist. The review doesn't give a date but your link does. I am guessing that I got that date from a Michael Jackson website that wasn't reliable or I just made a mistake as I wouldn't have just picked a random date to use. In any event I think we have these as good as we can with what we have. I have no idea if that was the live debut of the song or just the first time that we have it listed.

Hi there,
Thanks to good sources provided from you, I could specify the venues easily. Also, it was good for us Moderators / Roadies that you did not choose uncertain venues but leave them as Unknown Venues. Based on your source, I will add more Cliff Richard and Pat & Olivia shows tomorrow. Have a nice weekend, too. : )

Heb The Kursaal aangemaakt met begin- en einddatum.

Indien dit de correcte zaal was zal de lege en verkeerde verwijderd of verbonden worden met de bestaande, ten gepaste tijde.

Wist dat het orkest bleef doorspelen op de Titanic, maar niet dat er een Belgische vioolspeler bij zat. Heb ook nooit zijn naam gehoord.
Herinner me niet meer waarom ik dat Belgisch concert Von Trapp bijgevoegd heb, waarschijnlijk omdat ik iets anders zocht op de archiefsite die jij gevonden hebt. Ben wel lid moeten worden, maar geen probleem.

Hi there, we were noticing that you're apparently sending automated requests to Please take a look at the official API at since this might suit your needs better.

I know if you create a separate listing for Pat Carroll on Musicbrainz that we can merge the existing Pat Farrar artist into it once the MBID is imported I am not sure if the Pat Farrar listings here would be affected if you change the name there but there only a few of them. I will leave it up to you.Maybe Musicbrainz has some information about that somewhere on their website

In any event, keep me posted and good luck. It will probably take a while for the Musicbrainz stuff to be importable whatever is done.

Because the singles that she released were credited to Pat Carroll you should have no trouble adding the artist on Musicbrainz. I would think that would be better than using Pat Farrar for those appearances in the 1970s.

You may also be able to add Pat & Olivia on Musicbrainz too and use that for their appearances together in the 1960s. If not you could list them under ONJ or Pat or both with an @Info tag and Comment that they were billed as Pat & Olivia.

We definitely would not want to merge ONJ with either PC or PF but might decide to merge Pat Farrar into Pat Carrol with an alias to note they were the same person

I am using my phone to write this, which is more difficult than the computer so I may add more thoughts on this tomorrow but this should give you some idea on the subject

Geen probleem zal het later allemaal aanpassen. Bedankt.

Goed dat je (Coolvest) tussen haakjes bijgezet hebt. Anders bestond de mogelijkheid dat iemand die zou samenvoegen met de latere.
Om een setlist te verwijderen kan je ofwel een mod rechtstreeks aanspreken, of de report setlist knop gebruiken. De commentaar is enkel zichtbaar voor iemand die geabonneerd is op deze setlist of performer, dus de kans dat iemand dit bemerkt is eerder klein.
Raar dat Doelen Coolvest verwoest werd op mijn geboortedag (die was wel een aantal jaren later :)
De Josephine Baker show in Montreal van een week later vond dan wel plaats?

Het heeft niet veel zin om lege Corso, Korso of Trianon in Den Haag aan te maken. Een andere mod kan die lege venues deleten omdat die nog niet gebruikt zijn.
Zo heb ik me indertijd bezig gehouden met honderden lege venues (kleine schrijffouten) of moedwillige fake venues (specialisten in Mexico) te verwijderen.

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