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Hello Trey. I'm adding some shows from a McGonigel's Mucky Duck flyer I took home with me after a business trip to Houston in 2017. I noticed that they show that Zdan was going to perform there Sat Sept 2, 2017@7PM but you were at a Zdan show in Austin that same day. Trying to figure out if she had two gigs that day (less likely) or that the Duck gig was canceled in favor of the one you saw at the Mohawk. If you happen to know the time of the Austin Zdan gig, let me know please. Thanks...

I have a source (ticket stub that shows Cyrus playing a 7:30PM show that day. So that I have the info for my comment, do you happen to remember roughly what time of day Cyrus did the show you worked at?

I think between us, we could do a fairly good job of documenting the shows in NOLA and Baton Rouge for most of the 1970s thru 1990s....easily!

No problem Trey. Always happy to help when I can. One day I need to scan the old Wavelengths and Tipitina's calendars I have, and post them on Facebook or somewhere, so we have links for the shows we've documented from them. Wish we could add photos/scans to the posts we do.

Hi. Just make sure you post that link in the comments like you're supposed to and nothing will be deleted. Being made a moderator wouldn't mean you don't have to post a source. Step one to be a moderator is to follow the guidelines, including posting sources:

Your question about the Lovin' Spoonful show - it was a four hour tribute, with literally dozens of musicians in different configurations. Many of them are well known. Here is the complete setlist, with some of the guest stars listed:

The other setlist where you made the comment just lists the songs where all three original members surviving performed together. However, John Sebastian played on almost every song in both sets.

HI Trey! I have another for you. THE BIG EVENT Sept 3, 1991 which kicked off the LA Lottery in New Orleans. Huey Lewis and the News, possibly the Neville Bros. It was at the Superdome. I was there but do not remember the other acts... Can you help?

The links are in the comments of each night’s setlist. Theyre up on drive

Hey - Ill put up n2 either tonight or tomorrow! Great shows. Yup, local to NOLA. Gonna try to record more shows. Just gotta figure out where to upload them.

Hey Trey! Thanks for the help on the Tedeschi Trucks setlist from night #1 at the Saenger!! Any idea about those other two songs in the first set? Wish I was going to the 2nd night tonight, but work prevents me from being back in NOLA.

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