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...and I’ve just sent them a “correction form” to straighten it out. The 1986 dates are already in there. Sorry. My bad.

Hey Richie.....I gave you the wrong info. The Hall & Oats, Huey Lewis, Neville Brothers, Hooters Superdome show was in 1986. It threw me because you mention Neville’s/Huey Lewis/Superdome. The Louisiana Lottery Kickoff Party in the Superdome on 9/5/91 featured “Headliners” Fats Domino, Huey Lewis & the News and Gladys Knight. Emceed by Vanna White. The article I found doesn’t mention who else played on the bill (other than the headliners) but it could have been the Neville’s. I wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully this helps.

Hall & Oats, Huey Lewis, Neville Brothers & The Hooters

Tried my best to answer your Eddie Money Boomtown date question in my comments section. Not sure if it sent you my response or not so I’m just sending you this heads up. Just add it.....someone may correct it down the line if it’s different. Regards!

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