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Where did you eventually post(the link) to those Tedeschi Teucks shows? I sure would love to either download it or get a copy.

Would love to get a copy of the Tedeski Trucks 1st nights show (and second) when you’re done. Do you live in NOLA? I could listen but I couldn’t seem to download....maybe file was too large. Sounded awesome though.

Sounds good! I'd love to hear tonight's Tedeschi Trucks band show. Let me know if you post it. Maybe I can start converting my analog tapes to digital and return the favor to you. I did a lot of taping/trading from the late 970's till about early 2000's. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Thanks for the info about the Tedeschi Trucks show. Sorry if I came off like a jerk. I was positive I wrote them down in order. Your help makes this setlist the great place it is! Are you going to the show tonight? More later...Tom :)

Hi there! I'm trying to track down the poster from a Dave Matthews show - June 18 - 19, 2005 in Hartford. Do you happen to have one you'd be willing to sell? Thanks! --Andrew