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hi, a diff hank show, changed the date and ballroom

ticket faded hard to read but if u mag 300% u can see date and main st addr = ballroom

i could not find a 2nd show, can u confirm the 27th date, thanks

thanks for correction on hank

hi, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0zC5ABjdts has a diff date than u set up on
i changed to new date found another https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bocODxRl32Y
with new date pretty sure its correct , do u know opening act
if u have proof like a ticket stub this new date is incorrect let me know, thanks

hi, i have been using this site for a few years to look up setlists to shows i might attend b4 to see what expect. i just recently started to enter my own setlists that i picked up at shows. then i decided i might as well keep track of all my shows here in additional to way i have been tracking them personally for years at home. so far i have only entered shows thru mid 2003, so still have 13+ yrs to enter. yes i have tix stubs to all shows i have attended where i recieved tix b4 shows. freq u dont get tix when u pay cash at door mostly clubs so dont have every show, plus i dont have tix from any early shows when i was a child and attended with my parents in the 60s. so far i can only rem 3 shows that i know i went to in the 60s. i started going to my own shows and buying tix in the mid 70s, so from then on i have tix and personal notes. i have always loved live shows. i started out like everyone else and saw a 1 or 2 shows a year of my fav bands. but that quickly became 20 shows a year, and i became incredibly obsessive about live acts in the 90s and felt the need to see everyone it seems like. i have a 4 or 5 year run of seeing 100+ shows each year, thats insane, a show every 3 days. but its not really every 3 days cus some months no bands hardly then in the heavy tour months its every day. i am enetering info day by day and seeing shows every day with little gaps. as u know in dallas all the clubs r in deep ellum, so many times i would go to multi clubs a night to catch each act. i rem doing it just cant believe i did, and now i hate it when there is more than 1 act a week for me to go to, dont have the energy i did b4. i had several connections for free tix or access to shows in mid 90s thru mid 00s, so that no cost intices u to go attend more shows. now its so expensive to buy tix to any major act i dont go to several i want to see plus large venues suck unless u r close and then prices r outrageous. my earliest tix show prices of $6.75 and $9.50 for large acts in arenas. i will not attend anymore shows at stadiums again which means i have skipped several major acts over the past years. and i have to admit i cant do all day festivals anymore either by the end of the day when headliners get on im tired and just want to go home, so no more of those either. i have really slowed down on shows the last few years im down to 20+ a year again, and i feel like im skipping so many good ones. lucky being in dallas we get alomst everyone on tour. oh i used to travel in texas and to oklahoma for bands that didnt come to dallas or just for extra shows of my fav bands sometimes. no travel anymore either for me, if they dont come to dallas i wont go now, i dont even want to travel to fort worth or denton but i still will for some bands. i used to be able to get setlists and signitures somewhat easily but of course now u have to buy a meet and greet vip access for that mostly now. and everyone fights for the setlists now also, so i dont try much anymore. im also finding tix to shows i did not attend, cus i had 2 shows same night and too far away from each other. im currently only entering songs for shows when i actually have a physical setlist for proof. later when i finish entering all my shows i may go back and enter songs i think they played, which is prob what most everyone does, except the info wragglers that dig up tour info and stats and r mostly a fanantic of those 1 or 2 bands. as u see i have my favs but i like to see anyone that i think will make me happy that night. next show come by and say hi, if ur in dallas u have seen me i am that guy. many amazing musical moments left to experience.