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Thanks for the link to your website. It is REALLY well done! I just found a copy of "Droneworks 2" on cassette at a not too extortionate price! It must be fate!! Can't wait to get it....More news later...Tom :)

Hello Adam! Just checking out the onewayness shows on Youtube. I put links to a few of them to the setlists. Hope that's ok. I try to spread the "gospel" about the bands I like. I also got Alphastare added to the setlists lineup! I was checking out the Alphastare Vs. onewayness show from August 21, 2105 in Erie , PA. You really need to add that to the site. its AMAZINGLY good. More later and keep me posted on some new music...Tom...:)

Thanks for the info on the onewayness set lists. I got this info from my friend Drekka (MKL).
Is this Adam by any chance? I really LOVE the "Droneworks" cassettes (I got the downloads a s the tapes must be long sold out)!!!!!! More later...Tom :)