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thx for posting 10 years setlist from Nashville. Any update on the Chevelle setlist?

Question about modest mouse/brand new show. What time did the show start ( the time on the ticket) and what time was it over? I have tickets to the Philly show and need to be at work by 1am. Tickets say 7pm not sure how long the show will be thought with both playing full sets! Any help is nice!

Sure thing. Sorry about the lock, some other setlists from the 48 Hours Festival were getting incorrectly edited (specifically tour-wise) and I locked most of the sets as a precaution. I'll change that set now.

Hey man I put up another 10 Years setlist from their Division release acoustic show. They gave out shirts specific to the show which kick ass. I'm gonna put up a couple more 10 Years ones too, I'd appreciate any pointers or corrections you notice

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