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Hey. When i’m typing on mobile i can barely see it and no spellcheck, thanks for always cleaning things up!

Hey. Looking for a source (social media post videos) of Foo Fighters playing The Teacher, Show Me How, and Rescued at Snowmass Labor Day Show.
If you have time since you know a lot about FF.

re: Ed Sheeran's "Don't" formatting.
I think, for this tour, when it’s “Don’t” in full with snippets it should be this, and have been editing when I found a source:

song: Don’t
Info note: with snippets of “No Diggity” by Blackstreet

Key is to find a source video.
Particularly for previous tours / show before this current tour.
Sometimes a user is editing and auto-added a 4-song medley when it’s actually “Don’t” in full with just 3 song snippets that should be the info note.

Sometimes it’s a true medley - “Don’t” partial with other partial songs or snippets played with no breaks in between.

Good news is it's one of his most popular songs to video and upload to YT after the show it seems.

Hey. You're a Foo Fighters super fan. Can you identify the songs in these Stories? They may already be entered on the setlist, if they aren't they can be added.
I'm on my mobile on a train so I can barely hear them, not enough to make out what guitar/drum parts they are.

the setlist:

As to "first time with Josh", it's unnecessary.
Obviously, every song at the first show is "the first time" with him. The live debuts of songs are marked as such; "first time since 2018 for songs not played in 5+years.
Currently, it is not confirmed (by a Foo Fighters source, not the 1,000 headlines that state both sides) if Josh is now a permanent member of the band or a touring member.
Similar to how Rami started as a touring member and then became a full-time member of the band. Given Josh's likely status as a touring band member, it's superfluous.

hey. I unlocked Boston Calling if you want to make your edit adding the snippet.

17 hours ago (as of the time I’m writing this comment) you added “Dave solo acoustic” as an @Info note to “Cold Day in the Sun” without a source, you just assumed it was played the same style as the show 2 nights previously.

There was a YouTube video uploaded 3 hours before you made your edit showing Dave playing the song on electric guitar:

Please stop adding assumed information to setlists. As the above example shows, it isn’t always true. Use a verifiable source - a link to a social media post, not just the name of the platform you are viewing the information on.
You’re obviously a super fan of FF, let’s make sure the information is correct EVERY TIME. Don’t be in such a rush to edit without a source, wait until a couple of hours after the show through 24 hours and most of the information can be verified by other attendees and social media posts.

Don't worry, the rules haven't changed, it was just a mistake

Jeez, it's so irritating when users do things like that… I had to deal with someone doing that same thing to a Paul McCartney setlist yesterday. Anyways, there are really just two courses of action that one can take when other users do things like that: you continue revert their edits back yourself, which I saw that people were doing on that Journey setlist; OR, if some of these trolly users persist in their fraudulent edits, you can contact a moderator (a user with a blue star next to their username) and have them lock the setlist. Doing that will stop anyone who isn't a roadie, a mod, or an admin from editing the setlist. I hope this helps! :)

That's the thing with concerts. You never know what's going to happen. That's why we can't assume anything on here. Between you and me, though, I'm genuinely surprised because Coldplay usually works out every detail for their concerts and sticks with it until the tour ends. The "Head Full of Dreams" tour was a perfect example of this. I'm really surprised… It'll be interesting to see how their current tour progresses. :)

What they do in the Dominican Republic tonight is irrelevant. While you are right that they likely didn't drop the extended outro for that song for the second night, we don't add things on here ( based on assumptions because, as is the nature of a concert, literally anything can happen. It's entirely possible that they did in fact drop the outro for that night. It's not likely, but still possible. Stranger things have happened throughout concert history. Unless you were at that show or found concrete evidence of it (a video, a written review detailing the concert, etc.), how can you be sure what the band did? Edits based on assumptions go against this website's guidelines. That setlist is to remain as it is unless you or someone else can find concrete evidence that they did in fact do an extended outro for that song. If you try adding the extended outro note in again without a legitimate source, I will revert it back again and move to have the setlist locked from people editing it.

Good stuff! Thanks again and always appreciate the open minded crowd sourcing. I’ve seen some people be really opposed to talking it out.

And maybe I should get a Twitter again because you’re right, this was more inconvenient!

I like option 2! The singing intro reminds me of some other band intros I’ve seen where they slow start it before taking it from the top shortly later (Bastille example - because they do have the walk on “tape” aspect, I agree it should be notated as such with either the intro note or just a tape.

You have more skin in the game with shows and edits, so I’ll defer to your judgment about how to phrase it specifically. Let me know if you’d like support with the edits!

Update on the Jimmy Eat World “futures” topic! I saw a photo of the setlist from last night and they had it listed as intro/futures.

I actually don’t have Twitter anymore (got rid of all socials except FB a few years back). Just got back to my hotel after the show. The intro started as a tape right before they walked on but then they started the song about fifteen seconds later. I’ll probably list it as such when I post the set momentarily but can understand your POV with it!

And not gonna lie, I’m definitely a bit jealous about a lot of those top ten sets you have! Muse is one of my favs. I’m excited for the next tour cycle. Already banking some PTO!

Regarding your Jimmy Eat World intro edits for this tour, would it make more sense to list it as a tape or a note versus a song in and of itself? I’m seeing them tonight/tmrw, and can comment more appropriately later, so just going off of the intro tape guidelines for now

re: the My Universe as song vs cover on this site when Coldplay performs it.
It's because in MusicBrainz (which is the database of artists and songs this site pulls from) the Artist is listed as two individual Artists linked - Coldplay x BTS.

It's not a newly created single Artist named "Coldplay x BTS" with members Coldplay and BTS.
Similar to how Artist The Beatles, is comprised of member Artists Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison.

Because of that difference, the song is listed as a cover since this site doesn't read two MusicBrainz Artists collaborating , as a single Artist with members that are two different Group Artists. Being able to do that is the only way My Universe would be listed as song (and not cover.)

That may change in the next few years, as the code of this site evolves, or how MusicBrainz lists linked Artists changes.
Don't let it bug you. everyone reading the setlist can see that it's the Coldplay x BTS collaboration song, it doesn't invalidate the performance.

Feel free to post/ask in the Forum (Problems with Artists) in case there is a work-around on MusicBrainz I'm unaware of.

Thanks for entering the Dermot Kennedy Terminal West setlist!

thx for posting 10 years setlist from Nashville. Any update on the Chevelle setlist?

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