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When changing a songtitle and giving 'correct songtitle' as a source it would be much better to give us a link to the songtitle. If I would change the songtitle in ABC and give the same comment, would this proof my point?
You may have good knowledge about certain songs or groups, it may be good to share this with other less experienced users who may learn something.

That Embassy venue in Orlando you wanted merged was renamed Embassy Music Hall in 1996. I have added details but haven't moved all the setlists to the correct venue yet.


While I can find no record of a Central Tavern in Tacoma that is the venue that is given in the link provided. Tacoma is definitely distinct from Seattle and Central Tavern is quite a common name for a bar. I am not merging this venue out unless some more definite source is found that would indicate the show wasn't held there.

Heyo. I was wondering what your take was on Linkin Park's early setlists/shows. I already removed two setlists' contents, but I saw that many others had basically the same setlist added without any source.

Now, as far as I know, the best source for all things LP is lplive.net, and they barely list any setlists on their entries for 2000: https://lplive.net/2000andearlier/

Since you added some without any source yourself, any chance you can say something about this? I think a clean-up might be required, by comparing it to lplives' data.

Hi Jazzlobber, for some reason songs by an artist do not get assigned to its album. Can you please refresh the artist? The artist is Jack Poels.

Otherwise perhaps it’s possible to assign his songs to his album Blauwe Vear?

Hey there!

Do you have the bootleg for Fuel Fairbanks 12-15-2007 available still? The link you shared is no longer available :( Thanks in advance! - Tim (tim.claygraphics@gmail.com)

thanks for correcting Neurosonic setlists.
I guess I must have been thinking 2017 when I should have put in 2007!

best, Dr. AL

Hi, thanks for the source.
I understood the venue was HMV Ikebukuro Metropolitan Plaza branch. I have reflected it. : )

Hi Jazzlobber, could you share your source for this?
I found their Japan tour 1994 ad but October 9 show was not there.

So what do we do about the wrong A7X year? I saw that they have been added for the correct year already, so put in a deletion request for the wrong dates, I guess?

But it's weird how A7X themselves confused the year...

Hi there,

I assume you only edited the venue for this setlist?

I am wondering why @With[Elly-May Barnes] was removed from "Still Got a Long Way to Go" - do you have any ideas?

For the time being, I have reverted the setlist while I investigate.


It looks like the video for this show got removed :(

is there anyway you can add it back? That video was sooo sick, wish I was there. Thanks in advance

Can you please direct me to Colds setlist April 6th 2001 in Moline Ill. Wake the fuck up tour, Thanks

Hey Jazzlobber, you wouldn't by chance have access to the songs listed in this set, would you? (https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/chevelle/2003/indre-studios-philadelphia-pa-bf5854e.html)

Hi Jazzlobber-- Per Ezralite23's suggestion, I'm reaching out to you about the request from 11/24/2018 to bulk-edit "Bonfire Chant" to "Bonfire". The two are different songs, and due to your post (cited below), they've been merged together, thus skewing the Third Eye Blind statistics. Would you please explain what your basis was for this bulk-edit request?


Just updated these which I asked you to update
Please use exact location or venue following the guidelines at

thanks for the Chimaera updates

Regarding this show:

Three setlist.fm users claim to have attended it. I want to get some feedback from them before deciding whether it should be deleted. Thanks!

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