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hi chimaira oct 20, 2001 deep ellum live, oct 20, 2001 fear factory, machinehead, ill nino at canyon club, they all played the same show at same venue same night, my tix and info i find online all say canyon club, but my personal notes say deep ellum and i noticed u 1st created them at deep ellum live for a reason i bet and later changed them cus online says otherwise i bet, i sent msg to the 1 other person who marked attended chimaira, looking for confirmation, thanks

Hello, Jazzlober!
Yesterday you made a change on Ljetno kino's setlist (Over the Rainbow cover!) - performer Judy Garland was changed to author Harold Arlen, even though he wrote music only. I don't have anything against the change you made, but you should probably change some more then (as an example, Frank Sinatra's (here a performer) My Way should be changed to Jacques Revaux and Claude Fran├žois (here authors of music) then. Am I right? And what about the lyrics in both of these two cases? These people are authors too, aren't they?

According to the English guidelines. This should be 'So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)'.
Unfortunately it does not match with musicbrainz.

Hello, I noticed you changed my correct spelling for Jello Biafra (11 April 2002) by simply retyping his name over. This is not "edit."
I will report this to a moderator if it occurs again.
Thank you.

I changed your wrong setlist changes for myself now.
Please check the correctness of your setlist changes! How do you come to it??

Hello. Your Edit to concert impaled nazarene and the other Bands at the x-mass Festivals is wrong. It happened definitely at the location Colimbia Fritz and NOT at the Columbiahalle!!
I was there and can remember exactly.
Please change it back!


About the 1993 Korn setlists you recently added, are you sure this was '93 and not 94? The flyer you posted just stated the day and month. I thought Korn had its first shows in Sep '93...

Why did you add the 94ysp ANNIVERSARY show as a festival. It was just an anniversary show not a FESTIVAL!

Why do you change the setlists, I have used time on create. It was the correct, now you removed the version details. Stop it!

Please do NOT change artist, venue and date to delete a setlist without at least commenting as to why you are doing it.

The reason is because those dates are just part of a larger tour. If a band starts their tour in May, joins Ozzfest in June, and then continues on their own until September, that's really all one tour. In which case it's better to just use their own album title/tour name.

Please stop changing the tours to album titles by another band. Each band tours in support of their own album. Common sense right?

Hey there, what's your source for the date here? It's incorrect as they were touring the USA at that time.

Where did you get all your information from for all the alterations to The Offspring Euro shows from 1995?
I attended 2 of the UK shows and below is a link to their tour shirt which I purchased myself in Manchester.
The dates on the official shirt are nowhere near your alterations. Just curious as to where your info is from.


Jazzlobber, How did all my Family Values Tour setlists turn in to HED PE setlists all over the country. My stats are such a mess now because of your edits.

Please stop editing the venues and dates of all my set lists. You are messing them up. You need to make your own set lists and not hijack mine. I am going to undo your edits now.


Things like this are very confusing. If a setlist is listed two times please just post it on the "delete setlist thread" in the forum. Changing the band name is just too confusing if it gets changed back and forth. Is it correct now?

By the way is "Follow the Leader Round the World Tour 1998" an official tour name or a creation of yours? I just mean because round the world makes no sense if it was just in the US :)

I doublechecked on the Family Values Tour in Phoenix, AZ in 1998 and have deleted the double listing on Oct 8th.

Thanks for the source!

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