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Ciao. Ho visto che hai messo la setlist di Elio e le Storie Tese a Guarda Veneta il 20 luglio 2003. Dato che è corretta (Pagàno al posto di Litfiba Tornate Insieme), mi chiedevo se per caso ne possedessi una registrazione. È stato il mio primo concerto rock.

We do not merge venues that have changed names. They are listed separately with open and close dates if we have them. This is explained clearly in the Guidelines.

Hi there,
We have removed your posting of Marillion playing Easter in lockdown because it is not considered a live performance. Each member filmed and recorded their own parts, which were then mixed and stitched together. Hope you understand this decision.

Please stop changing the Kansas City / Hey Hey Hey Hey medley to a Beatles cover.
@Cover must not be used unless all songs in the medley were by the same artist
Adding an @With, @Info or @Cover results in affecting the whole line, not just the one song.
None of the songs were composed by any member of the Beatles.

Hi doomdragon,

Though it took so long, but I found out the venue!

Thank you.

Although splitted on the vinyl, it's one single song.

The song was recorded and is on "Here Be Monsters Vol. 2", I got the vinyl, I attended the concert in Bremen. I know what I'm talking about. Please undo your changes.

Ok, vedo come riesco a fare.

Il discorso è che non è nemmeno identico spiccicato a quello del Live in usa, ma molto più a quello di "35... e un minuto", che si chiama sempre "Celebration medley".
E' un medley apposito con tanti snippet dei loro successi che hanno fatto per il tour celebrativo dei De André e che suonano come bis.

"Celebration" e "Celebration medley" sono due brani diversi della PFM.
Celebration medley:

Quello che viene eseguito nei live tributo a De André è il secondo, quindi ti prego di non modificare ulteriormente le scalette.

Then they performed it 24 more times

You requested that the song iPorn be added to the album of the same name, but the album does not seem to have a title track?

OK done, there were two Comics festivals for 2016. When adding a concert or setlist to an existing festival one needs to choose this one in the list of festivals in the neighbourhood to have them linked together.
Here's a good exemple of a festival in Belgium that lasts three months and has several venues (for one day). If the dates differ from venue to venue for the same festival only a moderator can adapt these.
If the festival is during the same period in different venues, all one (also users) has to do is choose the existing festivals to add a venue.

thanks for the Comics festival update.

Thanks for the sources.
It's best to always include a source.
This is a collaborative site to which everybody should contribute to the best of their knowledge. So what might be evident for you is certainly not always evident for everybody.