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Dissenter is a Roadie and takes care of your favourite artists and venues!
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Ok, I added you back, but we shouldn't promote people who either don't understand or ignore the rules. Post a source or don't edit. "Because I'm tired of citing a reason for editing a setlist?" is not a good reason... Particularly if your edits are incorrect.

Two problems...

1. Writing "FORMATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT" to avoid posting a source is not allowed.

2. If you're going to make edits based on 'format' we use the musicbrainz style guidelines which show the opposite of what YOU are doing.



you edited a few Gojira shows in the past. I would like to know your opinion, can a video shot considered as a concert? -> https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/gojira/2018/silver-cord-studio-new-york-ny-2bea10d6.html

With best regards

Hey I noticed you've been assigning songs to albums. If you perform any of the requests on the forum can you comment that you have done them, saves other Roadies wasting time trying to work it out especially when you only do some and skip others.


Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :)
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

Specifically, if you would be able to help take care of this forum topic, it would be a great help :)

Hi there,
If you'd like to become a Roadie, you need to activate your account by confirming registration email first. If you cannot find it, please get in touch with admin (user with red badge), and they can probably send it again :)

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