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fan of bands like NILE, Immolation, Cannibal Corpse and Belphegor...
and a few more. Death Metal forever



06/14 - Korn
09/11 - Evanescence


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Please use exact location or venue for Festival METiZ'ART Metz following the guidelines at

Please use exact location or venue for Visions of Rock Festival Caruaru following the guidelines at

Hi man,

I'm really glad that you decided to check in on my profile. I reckon that it's more than okay to leave it like this, especially when it was the song's live debut. I also think they will never play that live apart from this one occasion, so I suppose it's worth noting that it's the only time Global Warming was dusted off.


Danke für die Info. Morbid Angel machen anscheinend alle paar Tage ein Pause.

Im from Montreal & I was supposed to go at the show on salle L'X in 1999 & due the Guitarist they were deny entry to Canada same thing happen in 2001. Ill found some review concert COF show from 2001. thanks

Hi Galva. People changing the tour names over and over might be ANNOYING... but as long as they stay within the guidelines it should be okay. I am pretty sure I know who you're talking about though...

Hi! No, you are completely right. I used a old review I wrote for a magazine. And I got the date wrong looking at it one more time. I will try to get the wrong one deleted. Thanks!

Check Marduk's facebook

The festival exists in the database. I don't think it can be attributed to "Unknown Venue" though. The venue name needs to be filled in.

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