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Thanks for letting me know, I've fixed that up. The two kinds of apostrophes are an annoying bug - very fiddly to resolve with the autocorrect feature on...!

"I'm insulting with those who deserve insult"

That attitude does not belong on this website.

Please do remember to post accurate sources with your edits in the future. Hopefully the issue with CoalMiner is now resolved :)

Hi there!
Edit comments are now mandatory across all setlist.fm users, including longterm trusted users such as yourself (and the entire modmin team). This is to ensure transparency and cross-referencing of information stored in our database.
When you share a nonsense comment such as "66666666666", there is a high chance that a user may revert your edit.
Please let me know that you have seen and understood my message, and hopefully we can resolve this issue.

Could you please start providing a source for setlists you upload and change as this might be helpful to other users.
I know it's a nuisance to have to be continually sharing sources as longterm and trustworthy users, but it is important to still set a good example for new users. Please could you just honor us with this, especially when sharing a large amount of information (eg. an entire setlist) with no obvious source (eg. your own attendance or another database)?
Remind this is a community and not everybody has the information you might have to share.

Please use exact location or venue following the guidelines at
We don't list stages as seperate venues either.

Do you have a source for all those May 1975 Scorpions concerts in Belgium?
I remember vaguely reading in some magazine the whole tour in Belgium was cancelled.

It's probably normal you don't remember, that's why it IS important to put sources when you upload concerts. These might still work after 4 years. I'm sure somewhere on the internet there still might be links but since Greek is not my stong point I won't be able to go far.

Please use exact venue or location for RockBitch Boat Halloween Festival

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