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VK aka Vaartkapoen already existed as (with aliases VK, V.K. so normally you should have received a warning before creating this that a venue with a similar name already existed in the near neighbourhood)

thanks for the updates
Was this a one day festival or did it last longer?

Also this seems to be a festival
So please use exact location.

You seem to have uploaded another festival setlist after I already asked you to use the exact location
In the meantime it's written especially in the guidelines when creating a new venue
Please don't use festival names like Lollapalooza Festival for venues, but rather use the name of the actual venue, e.g. Grant Park in Chicago for this specific example. Also check our festival naming convention for details.
It is your choice not to follow the rules, but this may have consequences.

Would you be able to help with the other festivals you edited?

Can you tell me more about Filago, what's the name of the square or venue where this festival is held. Normally you should or could change these yourself following the guidelines underneath.

Please use exact location or venue for Filagosta festival you created

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