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Hi, thanks for your reply!
The Setlists of Gabriel Agudo were a little bit tricky, because his new Solo Album wasn't released so far, but luckyly he streamed them at Facebook. It took a little, but I hope I fixed them right! :-)
I followed the Steve Rothery Band last year on Tour in Denmark and Germany 6 days in a Row.
I have been very honoured by all members of Band, Crew and Support on the fifth day, because the Concert has been Sold Out and Guest List was already full, too. Shortly before trying to buy a Spare Ticket at the Doors I got a message from Martin Jakubski "Don't worry about a Ticket, you are on the Guest List!" I was told later, that all including Steven persuaded the owner of the Venue, that I have to be added to the Guest List.
I can't describe that feeling!
It was such an honour to be accepted and noticed. I am blessed and priviliged to have their friendship on Facebook as well. I have visited their Weekends in the Netherlands and Poland last year and will join them in Cambridge and Germany this year again.
Hope, you will have a chance to see them and Marillion in the future again!
Take care!

thanks for the Setlist of Steve Rothery Band in Guadalajara, Mexico!
I added the Support for that Concert Gabriel Agudo, so if you have his Setlist, too, please add:

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