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I suppose that just like a venue name the local language is used for a festival.
In my country when a festival has a Dutch or French name we use that language too.

1 Thanks for researching to update the festival locations.
2 Reminds me to put a closing date to Voetbalterrein so one can't add a setlist to this location
3 Sources are not limited to one source.
Thanks again.

Another one. Here you updated the songs without being present and didn't list any source. So please do. Where did you find this information? This is a community where all information should be shared with the members so they know why something is changed. People are not mindreaders.

please share a source for . Under the comment box it is specifically asked to list a source for every edit.
If you look carefully you will notice that again you have used the wrong venue.
Voetbalterrein means football pitch, this location was used only years ago and is probably now a parking lot.
Be more careful in future please.

Please use exact location or venue for Green Beat Festival following the guidelines at

Please use exact location or venue following the guidelines at

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