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Wow, you put all the songs in the English language. I was there too and have a setlist with only Japanese words on it.

Problem with communication on the internet is you can't see when something is a joke.
If you know the history of communication between me and other people from the Netherlands, in particular one, you may have understood better.
And I didn't want to come over agressively to you personnally, that's why I wrote 'in general', so it will be applicable to everyone.

So you were just testing how long you could go on without listing any sources before someone noticed?
It won't take long before some drastic measures in general will be taken.


You may be an expert in concert in the Netherlands, but one needs to share the information where he got it.
This site is not about quantity but quality, there's enough fake news around.
When adding a setlist under the comment box there's a text 'Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons.'
So it might be a good idea to follow up.