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You asked about the Queen show at the Lewisham Odeon that I attended back in 1979. I don't have any audio or video (this was 1979 after all) but I did take photos.

Hi sorry for the late reply regards Queen at Stoke 74. Sadly no recording

Sorry for the late response.
I have been told that a recording of the Queen concert I attended does exist however, I do not have it.

Hi Cridj, I saw Queen at the Stampede Corral in Calgary on the Sheer Heart Attack tour on April 3, 1975. No recordings but i did shoot a bunch of photos...

I really don't remember if the played "Another One bites the dust." I would assume so since that was the tour for "The Game."

thanks, CR3

No, I'm sorry, I don't have any recordings from the 1979 Queen show I attended in Hamburg.

Hi. Life time memory :). No recording, just picture from that night. Good luck. Olga

About the Queen concert in Gothenburg 1982 - I still wish I did record it but no but I still have a few shitty photos from the show that I took with my instamatic where you barely can see anything...

The European live album, 2-record set, is Live Killers.

Sorry, no recording of Queen at the concert I attended. It is true that several songs from that Saarbrücken show are on their live album, though.

I don't think recording devices were invented back when I saw Queen! Good luck in your search. Checkout for recordings that have been posted and are available to download.

Hi Cridj,

The concert of Queen in Leiden in 1986 was actually my first concert I ever attended. I was 14 than.

Unfortunately I have no recording of that concert, nor do I know of any existence of such recordings.

Good luck with your search!

Sorry I don't have any recordings of any of the 5 Queen shows I attended

Hi, it was the first Queen concert. I stood in front of the stage and I forced myself to remember all the songs they play. I noted them on the back of the poster I bought. The beginning of the show(One Vision) was impressive and I was looking forward to Brighton Rock. They didn't disapppoint me!!!

Sorry I don't have any recordings. Try YouTube, they have all sorts on there.

Hi, I saw Queen in 1975 & recording gigs was not a thing then.

Hi there. I don't have any photos or recordings of the Queen shows. But you could get in touch with the Glasgow Apollo facebook site as they do recordings of most of the shows there.... Visit for more information.

Hi, you asked if I had recordings of the 1986 show in Leiden: I'm sorry to disappoint you. I don't have them

Greetings to you! Good luck on your quest

God I wish! You probably wouldn’t have wanted any of the audio I would’ve gotten anyway haha. I saw they just remastered Queen at the Rainbow ‘74. You should check it out