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I saw Rammstein in October 1998 in Lafayette, Louisiana for the Family Values Tour with Korn at The Cajundome and don’t really remember much since it was so long ago but I do remember the Rammstein show starting with huge pyrotechnics and the lead guy on fire which was epic.

If you research this particular show you will see that many religious fanatics in Lafayette attempted to block this show from performing and afterwards Rammstein was permanently banned from The Cajundome for unsanctioned pyrotechnics and dangerous acts.

hello, after all these years i don't know many details anymore. the club was well attended, but by no means sold out. there was no opening act. rammstein started pretty much on time. the show lasted less than 90 minutes. the setlist was different from 1995. many songs already sounded very electronic. after the last song, the techno music of the keyboard could be heard as an endless loop for minutes. the audience roared until Flake, in his typical way, switched off the keyboard.

Hello, I was at the concert in Madrid 2001, a long time ago, it was a very small room (1400). Clawfinger were the guests but something happened that they didn't perform. We spent a lot of heat with fire and explosions, I think I have some photo, but at that time we used compact cameras and they do not have very good quality. I saw them again in 2002 and 2004 and lost interest in them, the 2004 concert seemed like a Techno party to me.

I saw Rammstein in 2001 on the Pledge of Allegiance tour. This was a Slipknot / System of a Down co-headlining show. Rammstein was out before SOAD then Slipknot. Probably a 30-45 minute set. I'd guess they mostly played a mix of songs from Sehnsucht and Mutter since Herzeleid was not big in the US and Mutter was the new album. But I can't remember the set list. I do think Till was on fire for Rammstein and I'm pretty sure they played Feuer frei! because I believe Till had the face fire thing for that. I'd bet heavy they played Du Hast as it was their most radio played song at the time. Unfortunately (fortunately for me) I've seen them 3 times so while I can remember seeing them play a lot of songs I don't know what year I'm remembering. I'm fairly cretin they did not play Mutter because I was hoping they would and got to see that in 2012. Unfortunately since it was in the time before I had a good cell phone camera I don't have any picture or videos. I'm pretty sure I have the ticket stub as I keep all of them but I'm not sure it will have Rammstein on it but I'd be happy to take a picture and send it over if you want.

I was at the show in Austin in 1997 to see KMFDM. Pig was supposed to be the opener, but an announcement was taped on the door at entry saying Pig was being replaced by Rammstein. It's before Du Hast took off, I hadn't heard of Rammstein, and most of the people at the show were in the back of the venue by the bar when the band came out. I was up front and center against the stage with a few others. Like these other comments mention, Till was wearing a chainlink jacket and had what must've been fire retardant slicking back his hair. He raised his arms and flames rose up from them, and the venue floor was packed by the end of the first song. It was a crazy show, hard to follow up. At different points, Till simulated anal with a strap on with Flake, Flake rode a raft over the audience, and Till scanned a red laser over the audience with a Borg-like eye piece. I don't have any pictures, and I unfortunately have no idea what songs they played since I hadn't heard them before, but I won't forget that performance.

Man i don’t remember the song list all I remember is the singer came out in a trench coat that was on fire he sang the whole first song with it on. I was on the floor not too far from the stage and I can feel the fire it was very hot is freaking awesome show. Maybe there’s a YouTube video of it I’ll actually check because I’m curious too

Unfortunately my friend, I did not. I was 15 when I went to those shows; the first one with my very first girlfriend and the 2nd with my best friend at the time with press-box seats that his mother may or may not have prostituted herself for.

Here's a story I just remembered. You want the juicy details? Here they are.

My friend and I went with his mother and one of her friends. Now, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he stumbled onto this site, so I'm going to just outright say that yes, A, your mother was very attractive at that time and I say that with nothing but respect. Anyway, she was sitting in the press-box seats with her equally hot friend while we would go from the floor to the seats and back depending on what we felt like doing at the time. Well while we're on the floor watching Ice Cube, I believe, we look up toward the seats only to see Til sitting in MY seat, talking to his mother and her friend. As we started making our way back to the seats, we didn't realize in our journey that Til wound up leaving while we tried desperately to get up there to meet him; I mean, he's talking to OUR people, you know? He's obviously there to ask about where WE are, the FANS, right? As it turns out, Til had spent the last 15 minutes trying to convince his mom and her friend to GO ON TOUR with them as their, for lack of a better term... ahem... "guests" - if you get what I'm saying. Again, I can't stress enough that they were both VERY attractive, so I'm sure you can read between the lines. Til not only propositioned my friend's mom for some lovin', he said he'd "take care of her" for the foreseeable future. She declined, though. She was actually more or less happily married at the time, and we (as respectable Southerners dur-hurr) don't do that kind of thing.

So there you have it. Some Rammstein juice. I hope you liked it.

Hey Der,

Sadly no photos or recordings from Philadelphia, I was in 8th grade at the time. They definitely played "Feuer frei!" as I could feel the heat from the pyro while I was on the floor moshing :)

Hello. Added what I remembered of the Rammstein show in Maine for the Pledge of Allegiance Tour. Was a great show and I know I do not have the order right.

I’m sorry I don’t really have a lot of information to share about the Rammstein show at The Docks in Toronto in ‘99. Wow…23 years…where does the time go! Lol
The Docks’ concert hall was not a very large venue at the time (I believe it’s undergone a couple of reno’s and name changes) and I don’t recall the crowd being very large, despite Du Hast being a pretty popular song on rock radio at the time. There was some talk that the pyro was going to be scaled back because of the clubs size, but what we saw was pretty impressive. My friends and I hung out near the back where the crowd was kind of sparse, which brings me to my biggest memory of the show: when Flake crowd surfed in the rubber dingy, some large dudes just decided to carry it around the floor themselves. When they were back toward us (and probably tired), the boat tipped and Flake was dumped on the floor! This is probably why the entry for this show has the note about a keyboard tech taking over, although I don’t recall noticing.
Outside of that, I can’t remember very much. Can’t recall if there was an opening band or what they played. It was back before digital cameras and such, so besides my ticket stub (and I think my buddy bought a shirt), there’s no proof beyond fuzzy memories I was even there! Lol
Thanks for the excuse to walk down memory lane!

i am sorry. i had memories of the feelings :-) but nothing more. the venue had low ceilings and the fire was really salcary

Just like Trele6 said, I do indeed remember that. I was fortunate enough to see them twice in 2 days as I went to the Lafayette as well as the New Orleans show. (You can see me in the crowd during Limp Bizkit doing Jump Around)

When Til came out and they did the song Rammstein as he held his arms out and burned was one of the most important moments of my 15 year old self and I remember it fondly. If I'm not mistaken, as it could have been either show, Til pulled Flake to the front of the stage and simulated anal sex with him after which the strap-on so gracefully hosed the entire front row. I remember the crowd went absolutely nuts during Engel. I also vaguely remember that Flake rode the raft through the crowd, or someone did. That must mean they played Seamann, right? I think that's how that song is spelled.

The 1998 concert I saw in Lafayette was the best show I’ve ever seen. Rammstein killed it. I specifically remember Till sang the entire first song while on fire and it was Rammstein(song). I know I heard Du Hast, Buch Dich, I am confident I heard links 2,3,4, ashes zu asche, du richt so gut, Engel, heirate much, and Bestraffe Mich.

> Hello again! I'm sorry, but I don't have Twitter or I would message you there.
> I saw that you updated the Rammstein Japan 2000 setlist at Fuji Rock. Do you
> happen to have any photos, setlists or recordings from that show as well?
> As always, anything is greatly appreciated.

Hi der_Pinguin,
Thank you again for the contact. Please find the festival itinerary and a setlist copy on my Twitter page. This show was their first visit to Japan. I hope this helps!
Rock on, RocknmeJP

Hi der_Pinguin - I do not remember much from way back on October 31, 1998... but I do remember the 4 song setlist on this site is accurate. I also recall when Rammstein entered the stage with the extreme fire and pyrotechnics - they were wearing only duct tape! That was crazy. I was down in the pit in front of the stage and have never experienced "outfits" such as theirs at a concert. The crowd was totally bummed when the curtain closed after their 4th song and someone announced the band would not continue. A lot of boos. I do not have any photos but should still have the concert ticket stub.

Dear der_Pinguin,
Thank you for your interest in the 2001 Tokyo show. I uploaded the concert flyer, ticket stub, and a setlist copy on my Twitter page. I am sorry I do not have pics/videos for the actual show--Back in those days, we were not allowed to bring in cameras for the shows in Japan!

Hey! Based on your set history, I’m fairly certain we stood next to each other and talked music before the Fitz show at Grinders! What are the odds?!

I just remember Till Lindemann standing there with his arms on fire singing "RAMMSTEIN" during the opener. They were opening for the Ramones and I had never heard of that band. Unfortunately, I can't remember any other parts of the show. However, I don't think there were any further uses of fire.

Sorry, I didn't take any pics either.

I wish I had taken some pics back then, but I did not. Sorry.

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